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EPA Comment Letters on GHG Permitting Actions

This page contains a number of EPA written comments providing EPA's views on PSD permit applications and draft PSD permits that are being processed by State and local permitting authorities and that involve GHG emissions. Along with the other guidance and tools EPA has made available, we hope these comment letters will provide permit applicants and permitting authorities with additional information and analyses that will be useful for preparing and issuing permits involving GHGs. While many of these comment letters recommend improvements to the terms of a proposed permit and the supporting record, EPA's views on these matters were provided in the form of public comments to inform and assist State or local permitting authorities when reaching a final decision on each permit application at a later date. As a result, these letters do not constitute final agency action by EPA and do not have any binding affect on State or local permitting authorities or permit applicants. Since the permitting authority may modify its permitting decision and provide a response to EPA's comments, these comment letters will not necessarily reflect EPA's views on any subsequent action taken by a permitting authority on a particular application. This is not an exhaustive collection of EPA comment letters on permit actions.  In particular, starting in 2013, EPA is only posting the comment letters that reflect EPA’s views on topics that have not been covered in previous comment letters.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

Date   Comment Letter
01/07/2011   Nucor Iron (PDF) (11pp, 3.3 MB)
03/04/2011   Pacificorp-Lakeside (PDF) (20pp, 257k)
03/04/2011   WE Rothschild (PDF) (6pp, 115k)
04/01/2011   Hyperion Refinery (PDF) (7pp, 2.0 MB)
04/01/2011   Abengoa Bioenergy (PDF) (7pp, 292k)
05/06/2011   MidAmerican Energy - George Neal South (PDF) (2pp, 68k)
05/19/2011   Wolverine Power - Rogers City (PDF) (2pp, 55k)
06/22/2011   Effingham County Power (PDF) (2pp, 57k)
06/30/2011   US Steel Keetac (PDF) (2pp, 46k)
07/29/2011   Cricket Valley Energy (PDF) (3pp, 955k)
08/08/2011   U.S. Nitrogen (PDF) (3pp, 92k)
08/10/2011   Crawford Renewable Energy (PDF) (6pp, 86k)
08/16/2011   Showa Denko (PDF) (2pp, 87k)
09/12/2011   Abengoa Bioenergy (PDF) (8pp, 402k)
09/15/2011   Elizabethtown Energy and Lumberton Energy (PDF) (2pp, 70k)
10/17/2011   Beaver Wood Energy - Fair Haven (PDF) (2pp, 616k)
10/19/2011   Hoosier Energy - Merom (PDF) (3pp, 71k)
10/27/2011   Kennecott Repowering Project (PDF) (4pp, 68k)
11/01/2011   York Plant Holding (PDF) (2pp, 43k)
11/10/2011   Wolverine Power - Sumpter (PDF) (2pp, 37k)
11/18/2011   Universal Cement (PDF) (4pp, 97k)
12/09/2011   Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison (PDF) (4pp, 99k)
12/19/2011   IPL - Ottumwa Generating (PDF) (2pp, 90k)
12/29/2011   Christian County LLC (PDF) (2pp, 386k)
02/02/2012   Indiana Gasification (PDF) (5pp, 528k)
02/10/2012   Old Bridge Clean Energy (PDF) (3pp, 887k)
02/23/2012   Essar Steel (PDF) (3pp, 488k)
03/15/2012   Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District - Jones Island (PDF) (3pp, 464k)
04/17/2012   Newark Energy Center (PDF) (3pp, 272k)
06/07/2012   Sevier Power Project (PDF) (2pp, 30k)
08/07/2012   Garrison Energy Center (PDF) (2pp, 56k)
08/07/2012   Gateway Cogeneration (PDF) (2pp, 61k)
09/12/2012   White Oak Federal Research Center (PDF) (2pp, 153k)
09/14/2012   Energy Answers - Baltimore (PDF) (4pp, 253k)
09/27/2012   Klausner Holdings (PDF) (4pp, 165k)
10/02/2012   St. Joseph Energy Center (PDF) (2pp, 73k)
10/10/2012   Gibson County Generation (PDF) (2pp, 67k)
11/21/2012   WE Energies Elm Road (PDF) (3pp, 129k)



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