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Decisions and Orders: Reverse Chronological Listing: 2003

Please note, there may be a delay between the date an order is issued, and the date the order appears on this site. The Office of Administrative Law Judges does not guarantee that the information below is accurate or complete. You can search the Administrative Law Judges' website here. If you have any questions about the provided materials, please contact us

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Respondent Type of Order Docket No. Date
Doug Blossom (PDF)
(4 pages, 113 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion For Order Compelling Production Of Ability To Pay Documents and Order Regarding Location Of Hearing CWA-10-2002-0131 11/28/03
Euclid of Virginia, Inc. (PDF)
(2 pages, 68 Kb)
Order On Discovery RCRA-3-2002-0303 11/19/03
Julie's Limousine & Coachworks, Inc. (PDF)
(17 pages, 113 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion To Dismiss, Initial Decision CAA-04-2002-1508 11/14/03
Ditmas Oil Associates, Inc. Order Granting Complainant's Motion for Partial Accelerated Decision Docket No. EPCRA-02-2002-4201 11/12/2003
Strong Steel Products, LLC (PDF)
(25 pages, 227 Kb)
Order On Motions For Leave To File Amended Complaint and To Strike Defenses And Motions In Limine CAA-05-2001-0020,
Richard Roger Thomas d/b/a Albermarle Plantation (PDF)
(3 pages, 103 Kb)
Order On Cross-Motions For Discovery FIFRA-04-2002-3035 10/16/03
Lerro Products, Inc. (PDF)
(11 pages, 126 Kb)
Order Granting Motion For Default Judgement FIFRA 03-2002-0241 10/08/03
Vico Construction Corporation and Smith Farm Enterprises, LLC (PDF)
(4 pages, 115 Kb)
Order Denying Respondent Smith Farm's Motion to Continue Hearing CWA-03-2001-0022 10/02/03
U.S. Army Training Center and Fort Jackson (PDF)
(29 pages, 268 Kb)
Initial Decision CAA 04-2001-1502 09/12/03
Virgin Petroleum - Princess Inc., et al. (PDF)
(17 pages, 196 Kb)
Order On Cross Motions For Accelerated Decision RCRA-02-2002-7501 09/10/03
Hing Mau, Inc. (PDF)
(19 pages, 171 Kb)
Initial Decision FIFRA-9-2001-0017 08/25/03
Dearborn Refining Company (PDF)
(74 pages, 300 Kb)
Initial Decision RCRA-05-2001-0019 08/15/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 96 Kb)
Order Granting In Part, And Denying In Part, Respondent's Motion To Amend Answer To Second Amended Complaint TSCA-03-2001-0331 08/15/03
Energy Gases, Inc. (PDF)
(13 pages, 168 Kb)
Initial Decision EPCRA-02-2000-4002 08/13/03
Harpoon Partnership (PDF)
(5 pages, 120 Kb)
Order Denying Respondent's Motion To Strike Any Allegation Pertaining To Acres Real Estate, Ltd. From The Complaint TSCA-05-2002-0004 08/12/03
Lu Vern G. Kienast
L.G. Kienast Utility Construction
Oshkosh, Wisconsin (PDF)

(28 pages, 254 Kb)
Initial Decision CAA-5-2001-007 08/07/03
Harpoon Partnership (PDF)
(22 pages, 213 Kb)
Order Granting Complainant's Request For Partial Accelerated Decision And Denying Respondent's Request For Partial Accelerated Decision TSCA-05-2002-0004 08/04/03
Strong Steel Products, LLC (PDF)
(5 pages, 89 Kb)
Order Denying Motion To Consolidate Related Actions CAA-05-2001-0020,
Assunta and Peter Padjen (PDF)
(2 pages, 70 Kb)
Order Granting Motion For Leave To Intervene TSCA-05-2003-0001 07/15/03
DMB North Carolina 2, LLC (PDF)
(5 pages, 114 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion To Dismiss CWA-04-2002-5005 07/10/03
City of New Bedford, Massachusetts (PDF)
(4 pages, 107 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion For Order Compelling Production Of Inability To Pay Documents CWA-01-2002-0059 07/02/03
USA Remediation Services (PDF)
(19 pages, 179 Kb)
Initial Decision CAA-03-2002-0159 06/26/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(2 pages, 90 Kb)
Order Denying Respondent's Request To Certify Prehearing Order For Interlocutory Appeal TSCA-03-2001-0331 06/11/03
Norman C. Mayes (PDF)
(5 pages, 32 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion In Limine To Suppress Complainant's Evidence Obtained By An Unlawful Search And Seizure RCRA-04-2002-0001 06/03/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(7 pages, 115 Kb)
Order On EPA's Motion For Sanctions TSCA-03-2001-0331 06/03/03
Chippewa Hazardous Waste Remediation & Energy Inc., d/b/a Chippewa Hazardous Waste Inc. et al. (PDF)
(7 pages, 125 Kb)
Order On Motion To Further Amend Prehearing Submittals CAA-03-2002-0144 06/02/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(2 pages, 83 Kb)
Order Denying Respondent's Motion To Extend The Deposition Of Dr. John H. Smith TSCA-03-2001-0331 05/27/03
Norman C. Mayes (PDF)
(8 pages, 101 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion For Accelerated Decision On Liability And Penalty Amount With Reference To Tank #3 RCRA-04-2002-0001 05/22/03
Tri-County Builders Supply (PDF)
(22 pages, 214 Kb)
Initial Decision CWA-9-2000-0008 05/19/03
CCMS Associates Inc., and William E. Montgomery (PDF)
(2 pages, 72 Kb)
Order Consolidating Related Actions CWA-05-2003-0005
Julie's Limousine & Coachworks, Inc. (PDF)
(16 pages, 101 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion For Partial Accelerated Decison, Motion To Strike Affirmative Defenses, And Motion In Limine CAA-04-2002-1508 05/02/03
Euclid of Virginia, Inc.
Clark Automotive Services, Inc. (PDF)

(29 pages, 224 Kb)
Initial Decision RCRA-3-2001-5001
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(4 pages, 110 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Request For Depositions TSCA-03-2001-0331 04/25/03
VEMCO Inc. d/b/a Venture Grand Rapids (PDF)
(13 pages, 161 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion For Accelerated Decision CAA-05-2002-0012 04/23/03
Julie's Limousine & Coachworks, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 37 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion To Dismiss The Complaint For Lack Of Subject Matter Jurisdiction CAA-04-2002-1508 04/23/03
Julie's Limousine & Coachworks, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 36 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Request For Issuance Of Administrative Subpoenas CAA-04-2002-1508 04/23/03
John Ray Stout and KP, L.L.C. (PDF)
(3 pages, 39 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion To Amend The Prehearing Order FIFRA-04-2002-3034 04/11/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 86 Kb)
Order Denying Respondent's Motion To Stay Proceedings TSCA-03-2001-0331 04/17/03
Goodman Oil Company and Goodman Oil Company of Lewiston (PDF)
(7 pages, 126 Kb)
Order Denying Motion To Reopen Hearing RCRA-10-2000-0113 04/10/03
Harpoon Partnership (PDF)
(6 pages, 84 Kb)
Order Granting Complainant's Motion To File The Second Amended Complaint TSCA-05-2002-0004 04/09/03
VEMCO Inc. d/b/a Venture Grand Rapids (PDF)
(4 pages, 100 Kb)
Order On Motions To Amend The Complaint And For Further Discovery CAA-05-2002-0012 03/28/03
Minor Ridge, L.P. d/b/a Minor Ridge Apartments (PDF)
(11 pages, 100 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion To Dismiss TSCA-07-2003-0019 03/26/03
Virgin Petroleum - Princess, Inc., et al. (PDF)
(5 pages, 113 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion For Partial Relief From Prehearing Order RCRA-02-2002-7501 03/24/03
Mr. C.W. Smith, Mr. Grady Smith, &amp Smith's Lake Corporation (PDF)
(6 pages, 119 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion To File Prehearing Brief Out Of Time And On Parties' Requests To Supplement Prehearing Exchange CWA-04-2001-1501 03/11/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 88 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Discovery Motion TSCA-3-2001-0331 03/05/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 105 Kb)
Order Denying Motion To Strike Defense Of Selective Prosecution TSCA-3-2001-0331 02/28/03
Environmental Protection Services, Inc. (PDF)
(6 pages, 112 Kb)
Order On Respondent's Motion For Production Of Documents TSCA-3-2001-0331 02/28/03
USA Remediation Services, Inc. (PDF)
(8 pages, 131 Kb)
Order On Motion In Limine, Motion To Strike and Motion In Opposition To Supplemental Prehearing Exchange CAA-03-2002-0159 02/10/03
William E. Comley, Inc., a/k/a WECCO and Bleach TEK, Inc., d/b/a TEK (PDF)
(13 pages, 164 Kb)
Initial Decision FIFRA-04-2000-0060 01/31/03
Green Oil Company (PDF)
(6 pages, 123 Kb)
Order On Motion For Partial Accelerated Decision As To Liability CWA-07-2002-0059 01/31/03
Goodman Oil Company and Goodman Oil Company of Lewiston (PDF)
(68 pages, 463 Kb)
Initial Decision RCRA-10-2000-0113 01/30/03
Ferry County Noxious Weed Control District (PDF)
(13 pages, 168 Kb)
Order On Motion For Accelerated Decision and Motion To Dismiss FIFRA-10-2002-0048 01/22/03
Dearborn Refining Company (PDF)
(11 pages, 70 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion For Accelerated Decision RCRA-05-2001-0019 01/17/03
Community Management, Inc. and LHI, Inc. (PDF)
(3 pages, 91 Kb)
Order On Motion To Dismiss CWA 03-2001-0407 01/15/03
Dearborn Refining Company (PDF)
(5 pages, 44 Kb)
Order On Complainant's Motion To Strike Defenses RCRA-05-2001-0019 01/03/03

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