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40 CFR 7.135

§ 7.135 Procedure for regaining eligibility.

     (a) Requirements. An applicant or recipient whose assistance has been denied, annulled, terminated, or suspended under this part regains eligibility as soon as it:

     (1) Provides reasonable assurance that it is complying and will comply with this part in the future, and

     (2) Satisfies the terms and conditions for regaining eligibility that are specified in the denial, annulment, termination or suspension order.

     (b) Procedure. The applicant or recipient must submit a written request to restore eligibility to the OCR declaring that it has met the requirements set forth in paragraph (a) of this section. Upon determining that these requirements have been met, the OCR must notify the Award Official, and the applicant or recipient that eligibility has been restored.

     (c) Rights on denial of restoration of eligibility. If the OCR denies a request to restore eligibility, the applicant or recipient may file a written request for a hearing before the EPA Chief Administrative Law Judge in accordance with paragraph (c) § 7.130, listing the reasons it believes the OCR was in error.

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