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Operations, Maintenance and Repair Services for EPA Cincinnati Facilities (SOL-CI-12-00054)

Solicitation SOL-CI-12-00054  was awarded to Comanche Nation Construction, LLC on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.  The contract number is EP-C-14-006.  The start date is April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2019 (inclusive of all optional periods).  The contract value is $16,761,018.00 (inclusive the Firm-Fixed Price, IDIQ Ceiling ($2,500,000), and ODC Ceiling ($600,000) for base and all option periods).  Comanche Nation Construction, LLC is located at 9636 N. May Ave. Suite 279, Oklahoma City, OK 73120-2715. 

FedBizOpps Synopsis (PDF Format) (Posted on 6/04/13 2pp, 38K, About PDF)


Cover Memorandum (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 3 pp, 39K About PDF)

Standard Form 1449 (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 77 pp, 484K, About PDF)

Attachment A: Performance Work Statement (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 115pp, 633K, About PDF)

Attachment B: Government Furnished Property (MS Excel) (Posted 06/24/13)

Attachment C: Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 2pp, 26K, About PDF)

Attachment D: Davis Bacon Wage Determination (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 5pp, 22K, About PDF)

Attachment E: Service Contract Act (CBA) (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 20pp, 170K, About PDF)

Attachment F: Service Contract Act (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 9pp, 35K, About PDF)

Attachment G: Additional Information (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 1pp, 39K, About PDF)

Attachment H: Historical Annual Preventative Maintenance Schedule (MS Excel)

Attachment I: Technical Evaluation Criteria (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 1pp, 16K, About PDF)

Attachment J: Proposal Instructions (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 5pp, 36K, About PDF)

Attachment K: Past Performance Questionnaire (MS Word) (Posted 06/24/13)

Appendix A: Attachment A: Inspection, Test and Maintenance Guidance for Fire Safety Systems (PDF Format) (Posted 06/25/13, 35pp, 32Mb, About PDF)

Appendix B: Attachment A: Main Campus Groundplan (PDF Format) (Posted 06/25/13, 1pp, 85K, About PDF)

Amendment 1 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 07/25/13, 1pp, 45K, About PDF)

Amendment 2 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 08/12/13, 1pp, 47K, About PDF)


Amendment 3 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 08/20/13, 218pp, 4Mb, About PDF)

Attachment B Revised: Government Property (MS Excel) (Posted 08/20/13)



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