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Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectrometer with Infrared Microscope (SOL-CI-13-00002)

Solicitation SOL-CI-13-00002 was awarded to Bruker Optics Inc. on June 17, 2013.  The contract number is EP-C-13-026.  The effective date is June 17, 2013 through October 29, 2013 (inclusive of a one year warranty and a two year service contract with on-site support).  The contract value is $223,300.07.  Bruker Optics Inc. is located at 19 Fortune Drive, Billerica, MA 01821-3923.

Request For Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 11/16/12 33pp, 321K, About PDF)

Amendment 1 to Request For Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 11/30/12 2pp, 52K, About PDF)

Amendment 2 to Request For Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 12/10/12 1pp, 47K, About PDF)





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