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Pre Solicitation Notice SOL-CI-13-00003
Technical Support for Human Health Risk Assessment
The solicitation SOL-CI-13-00003 will be available for downloading at FedConnect® located at the following internet address: www.fedconnect.net/. Questions relating to the solicitation are required to be submitted electronically through FedConnect®. ONLY those questions posted through FedConnect® will be accepted. All responses to questions will be released on FedConnect®. At this Internet site you will be able to register with FedConnect®, enabling you to download the solicitation once released, join the mailing list, and to submit questions. If you need technical assistance in registering or for any other FedConnect® function, call the FedConnect® Help Desk at (800) 899-6665 or email at support@fedconnect.net.

Contractor registration in the Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) is required in order to be eligible for contract award. Registration may be completed and information regarding the registration process may be obtained at http://www.sam.gov. Once issued, solicitation documents will be available electronically for download at https://www.fedconnect.net. Hard copies of the solicitation package will not be distributed. Electronic copies of responses will be required and must be submitted via FedConnect® https://www.fedconnect.net).

The purpose of this solicitation is to provide the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Research and Development (ORD); National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) with technical support for conducting risk assessments on environmental stressors and developing stats-of-the-art methods, models, and guidance documents for human health risk assessment in three key areas of single chemical risk assessment, chemical mixture risk assessment, and microbial risk assessment.

The contractor shall provide all personnel, materials, services, and facilities to perform work as identified in the performance work statement. The Government anticipates the award of a cost plus fixed fee, level-of-effort (LOE) type contract with a twelve month term and four twelve month options. The base level of effort will consist of 30,000 hours. In addition, options will be included to increase the level of effort by up to 46,380 direct labor hours during each period. Significant potential exists for conflicts of interest (COI) under this procurement, therefore, interested parties are advised that EPAAR provisions (EPAAR 1552.209-70 and 1552.209-72) requiring the offeror to certify that it is unaware of any potential COI or to disclose any potential
COI of which it is aware, shall be required. Offerors will also be required to submit a COI plan describing the offeror’s system and methods for identifying and either avoiding, neutralizing, or mitigating a COI and a COI disclosure statement will be required for each work assignment. It is expected that the solicitation and resultant contract will include a “LIMITATION OF FUTURE CONTRACTING.” Clause. The text of this clause will mirror the clause Limitation of Future Contracting, Alternate V (Headquarters Support), (EPAAR 1552.209-74), (APR 2004), except for paragraph (c). Paragraph (c) of the clause shall read as follows:
The contractor, during the life of the contract, will be ineligible to enter into a business or financial relationship with other entities to perform human health risk assessment methods and guidelines that are the same as or similar to those that have been issued through Work Assignments under this contract. Additionally, the contractor during the life of the contract, and for a period of three years from its completion agrees not to enter into contracts with entities who could be impacted (either positively or negatively) from the content of regulations or policies that result from work that the contractor (or its subcontractors) have performed under
this contract, without prior written authorization from the Contracting Officer.

The solicitation is subject to full and open competition, all responsible offerors may submit a proposal. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 541990 (All Other Professional Scientific and Technical Services) with a size standard of $14 million. It is anticipated the solicitation will be available in mid to late April 2013. The point of contact is Adam Meier, Contract Specialist, 513-487-2852, meier.adam@epa.gov.

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