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Construction and Additions/Renovations (Phases 1–3) at the U.S. EPA National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL), Montgomery, Alabama (SOL-CI-13-00033)

Solicitation SOL-CI-13-00033 was awarded to S. Rolin/Hammer Joint Venture on 9/25/2013. The contract number is EP-C-13-041. The effective date is 9/25/2013 and the maximum expiration date is 9/24/2020. The maximum contract value is $20,000,000.00  S. Rolin/Hammer Joint Venture is located at 898 Green Road, Atmore, AL  36502-5042.

FedBizOpps Synopsis (PDF Format) (Posted on 06/03/13 3pp, 68K, About PDF)


IDIQ RFP Cover Memorandum (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 3 pp, 58K About PDF)

Standard Form 1442 (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 2 pp, 145K, About PDF)

Attachment 1: Applicable Clauses and Provisions (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 64pp, 380K, About PDF)

Attachment 2: IDIQ Statement of Work (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 1pp, 25K, About PDF)

Attachment 3: Davis Bacon Wage Determination (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 4pp, 146K, About PDF)

Attachment 4: Evaluation Criteria (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 1pp, 47K, About PDF)

Attachment 5: Proposal Instructions (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 4pp, 64K, About PDF)

Attachment 6: Past Performance Questionnaire (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 2pp, 35K, About PDF)

Attachment 7: Projected Task Order 0001 with Drawings and Specifications (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 915pp, 47.8M, About PDF)

Attachment 8: Standard Form 24 Bid Bond (PDF Format) (Posted 06/18/13, 2pp, 535K, About PDF)

Amendment 1 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 06/24/13, 2pp, 56K, About PDF)

Amendment 2 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 07/09/13, 23pp, 588K, About PDF)

Amendment 2, Attachment 1: Site Visit List of Attendees (PDF Format) (Posted 07/09/13, 4pp, 139K, About PDF)

Amendment 3 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 07/17/13, 3pp, 96K, About PDF)

Amendment 4 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 07/19/13, 1pp, 55K, About PDF)

Amendment 5 to Request for Proposals (PDF Format) (Posted 07/24/13, 6pp, 121K, About PDF)



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