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On‑Site Support of the Test and Evaluation (T&E) Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, and other NRMRL Cincinnati Satellite Facilities (SOL-CI-13-00046)

Combined Sources Sought Synopsis and Draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) (PDF Format) (Posted on 08/13/13 34pp, 233K, About PDF)

FedConnect Special Notice (PDF Format) (Posted on 08/13/13 1pp, 21K, About PDF)

PreSolicitation Notice (PDF Format) (Posted on 11/27/13 2pp, 20K, About PDF)

Request For Proposals (RFP) (PDF Format) (Posted on 2/19/14 200pp, 2Mb, About PDF)

Amendment 1 to Request For Proposals (RFP) (PDF Format) (Posted on 3/11/14 9p, 138K, About PDF)



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