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Small Business Program

The Small Business Act, Public Law 83-163, began with the statement of Congressional policy. The Act, as amended, established the authority for loans, procurement set-asides, management counseling, certificates of competency and advocacy to assist small businesses. The 1978 amendments to the Act, namely Public law 95-507, established small business-small purchase set-asides, subcontracting plan requirements for certain prime contracts and provided the statutory basis for the 8(a) Business Development Program. Public Law 95-507 further required the establishment of an Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) in each Federal agency.

Vision:  Build sustaining business relationships with small business concerns that will enhance and maintain environmental capabilities, and expand business opportunities for small businesses.

Mission:  Ensure that a fair proportion of EPA contracts is placed with small businesses by providing small business program assistance and advice, that relates to national programs designed to enhance and maintain environmental capabilities, to the Cincinnati Procurement Operation Division's (CPOD) internal and external customers (i.e., Division personnel, Program representatives, EPA's Office of Small Business Programs, Small Business Administration, Department of Labor, SDBs, Women-owned small businesses, VOSBs, SDVOSBs, community, state, and national government officials, and other federal activities).



EPA/PTAC Small Business Trade Show-
Thursday, June 3, 2010
Cintas Center - Xavier University
1624 Herald Ave
Cincinnati, OH

EPA Business Opportunities
Agency Goals
OSBP (http://www.epa.gov/osbp)
SBA (http://www.sba.gov)
CCR (http://www.ccr.gov)
GSA (http://www.gsa.gov)
DOL (http://www.dol.gov)
DOC (http://www.commerce.gov)
DOD (http://www.dod.gov)
DOE (http://www.doe.gov)
NASA (http://www.nasa.gov)
VA (http://www.va.gov)
HHS (http://www.hhs.gov)
DOI (http://www.interior.gov)
Informative Sites:

Key Contacts:
CPOD Director:  Cris Thompson
Tel: (513) 487-2026              
eMail:  Thompson.Cris@epa.gov

Small Business Program:
  Billy Oden
Tel: (513) 487-2126
eMail:  Oden.Billy@epa.gov

Center Managers:
Lisa Stultz – Office of Water Service Center
Tel: (513) 487-2041
eMail:  Stultz.Lisa@epa.gov

Dave Hincks – Specialized Service Center
Tel:  (513) 487-2146                             
eMail: Hincks.Dave@epa.gov

Kathleen Roe – OAR/OARM/ORD/
OSWER Service Center
Tel:  (513) 487-2144
eMail:  Roe.Kathleen@epa.gov


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