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Sponsorship of the ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 Conference

Posted Date : August 07, 2012


Procurement Office: U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Headquarters Procurement
Operations Division., (3803R) 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, 20460

Response Date: August 17, 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to issue a sole source purchase order for the sponsorship of the ACES and Ecosystem Marktes 2012 Conference. The statement of work and sole source justification follow.


Statement of Work


University of Florida

Leadership and Educational Foundation, Inc.

Office of Conferences and Institutes (OCI)


Support for: “ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012”

Conference Location and Dates: Ft. Lauderdale, FL, December 10-14, 2012


As the issue of ecosystem services and their valuation and location becomes an increasingly important factor in resource management and conservation, decisions relating to prioritizing conservation and development locations, managing public lands, and evaluating the impacts of change are posing new challenges for policy makers.  These important decisions require an understanding of the services provided by ecosystems and ways that they can be valued and used in decision making

AC ES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 is an international collaboration of three dynamic communities - A Community on Ecosystem Services (ACES), the Ecosystem Markets Conference, and the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). The conference will provide an open forum to share experiences and state-of-the-art methods, tools, and processes for assessing and incorporating ecosystem services into public and private decisions. The focus of the conference will be to link science, practice, institutions and resource sustainable decision making by bringing together ecosystem services communities from around the United States and the globe.

ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 will bring together leaders in government, NGOs, academia, tribal organizations, and the private sector to advance the use of ecosystem services science and practice in conservation, restoration, resource management, and development decisions. To facilitate discussion, a variety of presentation methods including, organized sessions, world café discussions, town hall meetings, oral and poster presentations, and hands-on workshops will be incorporated into the conference structure. Topics and themes from previous ACES, Ecosystem Markets, and ESP events will be integrated to provide the most comprehensive event on the ecosystem services.

In combining the efforts of these three groups, we plan to reach an audience of 600 or more people from around the globe.  Historically, these groups’ total attendance has reached more than 800 people combined and has featured attendees from every US state, more than 40 countries, and all inhabited continents.

Conference Themes :

ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 will offer discussion on a variety of topics affecting Ecosystem Services. The overarching theme of this meeting is Ecosystem Services: Linking Science, Practice, and Decision Making. Following are more specific themes that conference sessions and contributed presentations will be based upon.

Conference Themes Include :

•Spatial Analysis: Ecosystem Service Production, Flows, and Benefits

•Institutions, Markets, and Legal Frameworks

•Measurement and Valuation

•Tools for Decision Makers

•The Role of Federal, State and Local Agencies

•The Role of the Private Sector (Corporations, Financial Institutions, Agricultural and Forestry Sectors)

•The Role of NGO’s

•Ecosystem Services and Policy Analysis

•International Comparisons

ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 will provide a broad and open forum to share experiences and state-of-the-art methods, tools, and processes for assessing the incorporating ecosystem services into public and private decisions. The focus of the conference will be to link science, practice, institutions, and resource sustainable decision- making by bringing together ecosystem services communities from around the United States and the globe.

Additional information on the Conference, such as overview, purpose, topics, agenda, and keynote speakers, can be found on the website:


Sponsors and Planning Committee

The following Federal agencies are sponsoring the conference: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; U.S. Department of Agriculture’s U.S. Forest Service; National Science Foundation; U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration; and U.S. Department of Interior’s U.S. Geological Survey and Office of Indian Energy & Economic Development and National Forest Service, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services.

In addition to sponsoring the conference, the Conference’s planning committee includes representation from three Federal agencies to include: one representative from U.S. EPA; four representatives from the U.S. Department of Interior; and one representative from USDA.

Conference Support and Logistical Planning Services

The University of Florida’s Office of Conference and Institute (OCI) shall provide on-line/on-site registration and management services for this year’s conference. These services cover the full supervision, management, and implementation of conference logistics, to include: on-line/on-site participant registration; organization; publicity; development and distribution of materials; obtaining speakers; arrangement for educational tours; communications; facility preparation; and all other logistical support.


Specific Products and Deliverables for Meeting Logistics: Communications, Speaker/ Poster Presenter Management, and Logistical Coordination products and deliverables are:


●Organizing set-up and scheduling details of plenary and concurrent sessions

●Managing abstract book and program book development and publishing

●Serving as communications liaison with all presenters and sponsors

●Overseeing audio visual orders and operations

●Coordinating requirements, managing speaker presentations and substitutions

● Organizing logistics for educational tours

●Overall coordination of meeting, function and conference details

● Communications with moderators

●Creation, management, and implementation of conference publicity campaign

●Coordinating with exhibitors and managing exhibit services

●Management of conference program including the proposal solicitation, abstract collection, review, and updating processes



Sole Source Justification:

The Office of Conferences and Institutes (OCI) at the University of Florida’s Leadership and Education Foundation has a long history in providing full support for conference planning and logistics support. Their extensive expertise, experience, and past experience in supporting the 2008 and 2010 ACES (A Community on Ecosystem Services) Conferences positions the University of Florida to provide exceptional, proven support for the upcoming 2012 ACES Conference. Their performance in hosting prior ACES conferences was outstanding (as judged by the sponsors and participants) and their costs for conference support were fair and reasonable, compared to current and historic EPA ORD data for conference support fees of a similar nature.


The University of Florida was selected by the ACES Planning Committee, including representatives of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of the Interior, and U.S. Geological Service, to host the 2012 ACES Conference. The Conference is being partially funded by seven different Federal Departments, Agencies, and Bureaus. EPA, a partner with these federal organizations in Ecological Services research, is proposing to also partially fund the ACES conference by supporting specific tasks (defined in the SOW) that are integral to its success. Funding a source other than the University of Florida to support tasks related to the conference is risky and inadvisable because of potential conflicts and inappropriate coordination issues between different contractors performing different, but interrelated tasks, essential to the conduct of a successful conference.

Point of contact is Paul Dawson, at dawson.paul@epa.gov.



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