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Purchase of NTP Software to Provide Storage Assessment Analysis in order to Eliminate Waste and Maximize the Value of Storage

Posted Date : 30 March 2012

Procurement Office: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Headquarters Procurement Operations Division (3803R) 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington , DC 20460

1. Title of Procurement:
Purchase of NTP Software to Provide Storage Assessment Analysis in order to Eliminate Waste and Maximize the Value of Storage

2.Procurement Number:

3. Description:

The Enterprise Desktop Solutions Division (EDSD) in the Office of Technology Operations and Planning (OTOP) of the Office of Environmental Information (OEI) seeks to issue a sole source procurement for a Storage Assessment Study for the entire Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Through use of NTP’s propriety software, the EPA will be able to improve our storage return on investment (ROI), understand factors affecting the current health of storage (including utilization rates, abusive users, inappropriate file types) and storage waste from duplication. Storage trends and future storage requirement predictions will be provided for improved planning optics. The EPA will gain complete insight of storage use across the environment to eliminate waste and maximize the value of storage.


Through the monitoring of file access requests on two servers in the EPA’s environment, the EPA will be able to track unwanted data access, spot inappropriate storage use, uncover, high-risk activities and ease compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA regulations. Audit trails can be maintained for future needs and/or investigation, report on accesses of intellectual property and sensitive data, determine file ownership through usage and auditing of accidental movement/renaming of directories. NTP Software will give the EPA real-time, scalable auditing for the two servers, to ensure that access to data aligns with business needs. Using policies, the data assets are managed throughout the EPA enterprise while improving data security, providing ease of compliance, protecting data and insight into file ownership and usage.


EDSD will to purchase NTP services to perform a study on two servers and the cost of the analysis will be approximately $23,000. According to our market research, NTP is the only product on the market that performs this type of analysis of server storage. While there are other solutions that may provide similar data analysis, NTP’s is the only software that drills down deep enough into our storage systems to help improve the EPA’s ROI.

As stated above, EPA intends to award this procurement on a sole source basis. Nevertheless, if any vendor feels they are capable of performing this work, they must submit evidence of such capability within 10 days of this posting. Telephone calls and/or requests for a solicitation will not be accepted or acknowledged. All responses should be sent via email to voss.oliver@epa.gov




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