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National Student Services Contract, SOL-NC-13-00022

Current Status: Request for Information (RFI) was posted on June 28, 2013. Industry Day for vendors was held July 17, 2013 at EPA, RTP, NC campus. Questions and Answers posted July 22, 2013. Pre-Solicitation Notice Posted was posted on November 27, 2013. Request for Proposals (RFP) posted to FedConnect on April 30, 2014. Pre-proposal conference will be held on May 14, 2014. IMPORTANT NOTICE: PROPOSALS SHALL BE SUBMITTED VIA FEDCONNECT ONLY. VENDORS MUST REGISTER IN FEDCONNECT TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL IN RESPONSE TO THIS RFP. ALL FURTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO THIS PROCUREMENT WILL BE POSTED IN FEDCONNECT ONLY. THEREFORE, THIS PAGE MAY BE VIEWED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

Questions on this procurement can be e-mailed to Robin S. Harris

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