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POD Emergency Contents Web Page

This site is to assist Procurement Operations Division personnel in the case of an emergency necessitating evacuation of the EPA RTP site. This site lists and provides links to "flyaway kit" documents, along with guidance for little-used contracting actions, such as issuance of Letter Contracts and increasing Bankcard limits. This site is intended to augment, or be used instead of, the "flyaway kit".

Important Documents



Increasing Credit Card Limits

Generally, the approving authority for the card must contact PCard Team in Washington D.C. to have the limit increased. However, if that individual is not available, the senior procurement person on-site can call and use their authority to have the card limit increased. The Washington contact people are below:

      Karen Lee - 202-564-4378
      Sally Young - 202-564-5754
      Lorraine Middleton - 202-564-4362

The initial verbal request must be followed up, when practicable, with a written confirmation, either by e-mail or FAX (202-565-2474).

Guidance on Issuing Letter Contracts

FAR Provisions in regard to Letter Subcontracts (2 pages, 26K, About PDF)

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