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Nitrogen Dioxide Area Information

This page provides detailed information on the previous nitrogen dioxide area originally designated in nonattainment. As of September 22, 1998, the nitrogen dioxide area has been redesignated to a maintenance area.

  1. Maintenance Area Selections (Previously Nonattainment Areas)
    1. Classified Area

  2. Federal Register Notices and Related Nitrogen Dioxide Designation Information
    1. Nitrogen Dioxide Standards website
    2. Designation Notices
      1. Proposed Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Nitrogen Dioxide (July 15, 2009) (PDF)
      2. Final Air Quality Designations for the 2010 Primary Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (February 17, 2012) (PDF)
    3. Other Associated Federal Register Notices
      1. Federal Register Notices Relating to NO2 Designations Listed by Date

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