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Environmental Futures

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Advances in technology, population growth, economic expansion, globalization, and other drivers of change are shaping a future that may bear little resemblance to our world today. No one can predict the future, but Futures Analysis represents an effort to think ahead - to anticipate and plan for uncertain conditions and events. It also helps the Agency respond nimbly to new and unpredicted circumstances.

Futures Analysis contributes a forward-looking perspective by making an effort to anticipate future environmental issues and plan strategically to avoid problems, rather than respond to them after the fact. An awareness of the environmental consequences of potential social, economic, and technological changes can help EPA leaders make better-informed, strategic decisions about the Agency's work in a rapidly changing world. By considering such "drivers" as changing population patterns, globalization, and new technologies, Futures Analysis can help identify potential issues for further evaluation and provide information that managers can use to consider alternative approaches and improve existing strategies. Looking towards the future encourages thoughtful planning and motivates an organization to address new issues and challenges.

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