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Reviews and Evaluations

EPA - State

Two evaluations of the EPA-state planning process reforms and performance partnership improvements were conducted in 2004. The results can be found by scrolling down on the linked page to "Evaluating Our Progress."

How Well is NEPPS Working (PDF) (13 pp, 127K, About PDF) 1999. A Summary Comparison of Several Recent Evaluations of the National Environmental Performance Partnership System.

National EPA-ECOS Workshop on Performance Partnerships (PDF) (71 pp, 530K, About PDF), Baltimore, 1999. Results from a workshop for high- to mid-level staff designed primarily for high- to mid-level EPA and state staff responsible for coordinating NEPPS implementation and policies in the states and EPA regional and headquarters offices.

General Accounting Office

To find the reports below, search by report number or title, at www.gao.gov

National Academy of Public Administration

Taking Environmental Protection to the Next Level: An Assessment of the U.S. Environmental Services Delivery System. exit EPA National Academy of Public Administration (November 2000). This multi-faceted report on EPA, including performance partnerships, provides analysis and recommendations for innovative ways that EPA, the states, Congress and others can strive to protect the environment and address emerging environmental problems. Four supporting research papers address the changing Federal-state relationship. Scroll down on the linked page to the year 2000 to find environment.gov and environment.gov Research Papers Volumes I - III.

EPA Inspector General

Over the first several years of implementation of the performance partnership program, EPA's Inspector General (IG) reviewed several individual state Performance Partnership Grants. The Inspector General issued a summary of these reviews, EPA Needs Better Integration of the Performance Partnership System (March 31, 2000). The report can be found on the OIG's cross-media reports web page, which is organized by date.

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