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Status and Trends

States may choose to use one or both of these key tools for implementing performance partnerships on the ground: Performance Partnership Agreements (PPAs) and Performance Partnership Grants (PPGs).

State Environmental Agencies - 2008 NO PPA or PPG 9 States PPG Only 10 States PPA Only 4 States PPA and PPG 30 States

EPA's policy is to negotiate PPAs and PPGs with any interested state. However, the goals and principles of performance partnerships apply to EPA's relationships with all states - regardless of whether they negotiate PPAs or PPGs.

The scope and coverage of PPAs and PPGs may be comprehensive, addressing a full range of environmental programs, or narrow, limited to just a few program areas.

2008 Status

In 2008, over three-quarters (42) of the state environmental agencies negotiated PPAs, combined some or all of their grants in PPGs, or both. The number of states in each category is shown on this pie chart. (Note: "States" include the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands – for a total of 53 states.) See the FY 2008 Program Implementation Summary (PDF) (14 pp, 128K,  About PDF) for more details, including information about the individual states


Environmental agencies. The number of state environmental agencies that negotiated PPAs and PPGs grew between 1996 and 2000, and has remained fairly steady since then.

PPAs: 1997 - 26 states negotiated PPAs
2000 - 32 states negotiated PPAs
2004 - 31 states negotiated PPAs
2006 - 33 states negotiated PPAs
2008 - 33 states negotiated PPAs


PPGs: 1997 - 24 states negotiated PPGs
2000 - 34 states negotiated PPGs
2004 - 39 states negotiated PPGs
2006 - 39 states negotiated PPGs
2008 - 40 states negotiated PPGs

Agriculture agencies. While only two state agriculture agencies negotiated PPAs in 2008, about half (24) of these agencies combined their pesticides grants in PPGs.

Grants in PPGS

Some environmental program grants are more likely to be combined in a PPG than others.

A few of the state environmental agencies receiving grant funds in PPGs combine most or all of the eligible grants. However, the average number of grants combined in a PPG has remained fairly constant over the years at about six to seven PPG-eligible grants per state.

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