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Local Government Advisory Committee

The Local Government Advisory Committee is a formal advisory committee chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and has been in existence since 1993. The Committee is composed primarily of local, state, and tribal elected and appointed officials, from around the country.

LGAC Membership 2015
The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) requires that advisory committee membership be balanced in terms of the points of view. The LGAC is unique in having members that are locally elected and appointed officials such as mayors, county executives, city managers, commissioners, and others that represent key interests of local governments.

LGAC Workgroups

Cleaning Up America's Communities
Climate Change Resiliency and Sustainability
Expanding the Conversation – Reaching EJ Communities
Air, Climate,  and Energy
Protecting America's Water



July 30-31 LGAC Meeting

May 28th St. Paul, MN Meeting-Waters of the U.S.

July 10th Atlanta, GA-Waters of the U.S.

August 13th Tacoma, WA Meeting- Waters of the U.S.

September 22, Worchester, MA Meeting- Waters of the U.S.

Executive Steering Committee

Purpose: The LGAC provides advice and recommendations that assist the EPA in developing a stronger partnership with local governments through building State and local capacity to deliver environmental services and programs. The ultimate goal of the LGAC is to provide the citizens of the Nation with more efficient and effective environmental protection at the community, State and Federal level.

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LGAC Charter (PDF) (4 pp, 34K, About PDF)

LGAC BY-Laws (PDF) (4 pp, 34K, About PDF)

Local Government Advisory Committee Members 2014

LGAC Fact Sheet (PDF) (1 pg, 219K, About PDF)

LGAC Charge (PDF) (2 pp, 251K, About PDF)

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LGAC Meetings

Upcoming LGAC Public Meetings

The Small Communities Advisory Subcommittee and Local Government Advisory Committee meetings scheduled on December 12-14, 2012 are being rescheduled. More information will be posted on this website as it becomes available. The new meeting dates will also be announced in the Federal Register.

Recent LGAC Meeting Summaries

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Recent LGAC Reports & Recommendations

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Small Community Advisory Subcommittee (SCAS): The Small Community Advisory Subcommittee was established by EPA in 1996 to advise the Administrator on environmental issues of concern to the residents of smaller communities. The SCAS is an independently-appointed subcommittee of the Local Government Advisory Committee. SCAS was established in response to recommendations of the Small Town Environmental Planning Task Force. This earlier advisory committee was itself created by the Small Town Environmental Planning Act of 1992 and concluded its work in 1996.

Purpose Statement of Small Community Advisory Subcommittee

Who to Contact: Frances Eargle
U.S. EPA, Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C.
Phone: 202-564-3115
FAX: 202-501-1534
email address: eargle.frances@epa.gov
  For a full listing of all EPA FACA contacts, read more.

SCAS Reports & Recommendations

SCAS Meetings and Minutes

Contact the Designated Federal Officer if you wish to attend or speak at an upcoming meeting or you would like minutes of a past meeting.

Information provided for reference purposes only

Note: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Although the information provided here was accurate and current when first created, it is now outdated.

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