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State and Local Governments

State and Local Relations
EPA cultivates relationships with state, local, and regional government officials across many environmental programs. These vital connections help communities better protect their own environments while enhancing the effectiveness of EPA's programs.

Local Government Resource Center
EPA's Local Government Resource Center provides links to information, tools, and resources useful to local governments in developing and implementing environmental protection efforts.

Performance Partnerships
EPA and states share responsibility for protecting public health and the environment. Since 1995, EPA and states have been implementing the National Environmental Performance Partnership System(NEPPS) to improve the effectiveness of state-EPA partnerships and focus resources where they are needed most. Through performance partnerships, EPA and states work together to set priorities, design strategies, negotiate partnership and grant agreements, and develop the measures they will use to assess progress.

Local Government Advisory Committee
The Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) is a formal EPA advisory committee whose members are primarily elected and appointed local officials. The LGAC and its Small Community Advisory Subcommittee advise EPA on building state and local capacity to deliver environmental services and programs.

Who to Contact at the EPA:

Deputy Associate Administrator for Intergovernmental Relations

Mark Rupp
Deputy Associate Administrator for Intergovernmental Relations

State and Local Officials

Jack Bowles
Director of State and Local Relations

City Officials

Arnita Hannon

County Officials

Rebecca Cook

State Officials, Environmental Commissioners/State Environmental Agencies

Andrea Barbery

State Legislators/Legislation

Rebecca Cook

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