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Draft OCSPP Test Guidelines

The DRAFT guidelines on this page are part of a series of test guidelines that have been developed by the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) for use in the testing of pesticides and toxic substances, and the development of test data for submission to the Agency for review.   This is not intended to be a comprehensive compilation of ALL draft guidelines, just those harmonized guidelines that OCSPP issued in draft for public comment.  More information about OCSPP Harmonized Test Guidelines.

Although these draft guidelines are not yet available in final form, you may consult these guidelines if you are developing a proposed study protocol.  However, before you use a draft guideline to generate data that will be submitted to EPA, please check with the appropriate EPA office. 

A compilation of the harmonized guidelines that have been issued in draft, but have not yet issued in final form, is included at the end of the Master List (PDF) (28 pp, 80K, About PDF) of the OCSPP Harmonized Test Guidelines is available | Microsoft Excel Version (84K) (Excel viewer Exit EPA Disclaimer). The draft guidelines on this page are grouped based on whether the comment period on the draft is open.

Note - the name change from "Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances" and "OPPTS" to "Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention" and "OCSPP" does not affect the Guidelines.

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Draft Guidelines – Open to Comment

810.2000 General Considerations for Testing Antimicrobial Agents
810.2100 Sterilants & Sporicides
810.2200 Disinfectants for Use on Hard Surfaces Efficacy Data Recommendations

Draft Guidelines – Closed to Comment

810.3700 - Insect Repellents For Human Skin and Outdoor Premises
850.1000 - Special Considerations for Conducting Aquatic Laboratory Studies (PDF) (13 pp, 45K)
850.1010 - Aquatic Invetebrate Acute Toxicity, Test, Freshwater Daphnids (PDF) (10 pp, 36K)
850.1020 - Gammarid Acute Toxicity Test (PDF) (11 pp, 36K)
850.1025 - Oyster Acute Toxicity Test (Shell Deposition) (PDF)(9 pp, 32K)
850.1035 - Mysid Acute Toxicity Test (PDF) (10 pp, 34K)
850.1045 - Penaeid Acute Toxicity Test (PDF) (9 pp, 32K)
850.1055 - Bivalve Acute Toxicity Test (Embryo Larval) (PDF)(7 pp, 27K)
850.1075 - Fish Acute Toxicity Test, Freshwater And Marine (PDF) (13 pp, 45K)
850.1085 - Fish Acute Toxicity Mitigated By Humic Acid (PDF) (10 pp, 35K)
850.1300 - Daphnid Chronic Toxicity Test (PDF) (12 pp, 42K)
850.1350 - Mysid Chronic Toxicity Test (PDF) (10 pp, 36K)
850.1400 - Fish Early-Life Stage Toxicity Test (PDF) (15 pp, 66K)
850.1500 - Fish Life Cycle Toxicity (PDF) (4 pp, 16K)
850.1710 - Oyster BCF (PDF) (14 pp, 50K)
850.1730 - Fish BCF (PDF) (25 pp, 74K)
850.1735 - Whole Sediment Acute Toxicity Invertebrates, Freshwater (PDF) (19 pp, 65K)
850.1740 - Whole Sediment Acute Toxicity Invertebrates, Marine (PDF) (14 pp, 50K)
850.1790 - Chironomid Sediment Toxicity Test (PDF) (16 pp, 57K)
850.1800 - Tadpole/Sediment Subchronic Toxicity Test (PDF) (15 pp, 49K)
850.1850 - Aquatic Food Chain Transfer (PDF) (4 pp, 16K)
850.1900 - Generic Freshwater Microcosm Test, Laboratory (PDF) (28 pp, 76K)
850.1925 - Site-Specific Aquatic Microcosm Test, Laboratory (PDF) (21 pp, 91K)
850.1950 - Field Testing For Aquatic Organisms (PDF) (7 pp, 21K)
870.3500 - Preliminary Developmental Toxicity Screen
870.3600 - Inhalation Developmental Toicity Study
870.5265 - The Salmonella Typhimurium Reverse Mutation Assay
870.8223 - Pharmacokinetic Test
870.8245 - Dermal Pharmacokinetics of DGBE and DGBA
870.8300 - Dermal Absorption for Compounds that are Volatile and Metabolized to Carbon Dioxide
870.8320 - Oral/Dermal Pharmacokinetics
870.8340 - Oral and Inhalation Pharmacokinetic Test
870.8360 - Pharmacokinetics of Isopropanal
870.8380 - Inhalation and Dermal Pharmacokinetics of Commercial Hexane
870.8500 - Toxicokinetic Test
870.8600 - Developmental Neurotoxicity Screen
870.8700 - Subchronic Oral Toxicity Test
870.8800 - Morphologic Transformation of Cells in Culture
890.2100 Avian Two-generation Toxicity Test in the Japanese Quail
890.2200 Medaka Extended One Generation Reproduction Test (MEOGRT)
890.2300 Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay (LAGDA)

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