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Financing for Environmental Compliance

Planning Process Step One: Assemble a Team

A good team is essential to the overall success of the project. Team members will:

Contracting support may be necessary if current municipal or Tribal employees cannot fill these roles.

Your team can use the following steps to develop a financing plan and present their findings to the community and local government officials.

Successful financing of environmental capital assets requires the buy-in of the local political approving entity and community stakeholders. Briefings and public meetings during each stage will increase the likelihood of success. Reaching agreement among various groups is one of the most difficult aspects of public financing. Transparency and involvement can help a community reach agreement.

Your team should include, at a minimum, members with the following skill sets:

* These jobs may be completed by one person if that person has the skill set to do both tasks.

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Next step: Conduct a Needs Analysis

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