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Post-inspection Compliance Assistance

This Web page contains documents and guidance developed for the Post Inspection Constrcution Stormwater Pilot Project.  These web resources can help any EPA region or state that wants to implement a post inspection compliance assistance initiative.

The pilot project was a compliance assistance effort to provide owners and/or operators of construction sites with essential Stormwater Web resources at a central location, to help address any non-compliance issues after an inspection, and to encourage these entities to go beyond compliance.  The pilot showed that the post inspection compliance assistance concept is a useful one and it is recommended as a possible element of an integrated strategy when the following conditions exist:

  1. compliance assistance materials already exist and can be easily compiled and organized into a post inspection Web site;
  2. the facilities to be inspected should have a permanent address with management personnel on site;
  3. the environmental management practice changes can easily be understood and implemented; and
  4. actions taken to improve environmental practices or achieve pollution reduction can be implemented at relatively low cost.   

The Post Inspection Construction Stormwater Compliance Assistance Web Site provides "how-to" information for the construction industry to comply with stormwater requirements.  This site can serve as a model for other post inspection efforts.

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