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Identification and Description of Mineral Processing Sectors and Waste Streams - Final Technical Background Document

The purpose of this document is to describe EPA's review of mineral commodities that may generate hazardous wastes as defined by RCRA Subtitle C. These wastes and the facilities and commodity sectors that generate them may be affected by the establishment of Land Disposal Restrictions for mineral processing wastes. Through a series of rulemakings EPA has established and applied criteria to determine which mineral processing wastes are no longer exempt from Subtitle C regulation. These wastes are termed "newly identified" mineral processing wastes.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

  1. Executive Summary (PDF) (29 pp, 515K)
  2. Methods and Data Sources (PDF) (44 pp, 522K)
    1. Information Collection
      • Review of In-House Data/Reports
      • Electronic Literature Search
      • Contacts with Bureau of Mines
      • Review of Outside Data/Reports
    2. Identification and Analysis of Mineral Commodities and Waste Streams Potentially Subject to RCRA Subtitle C
      1. Determining the Special Waste Status of Mineral Industry Wastes
      2. The Subtitle C "Mixture" Rule and Active Management - Co-Disposal and Disturbing Old Wastes Can Influence Regulatory Status
    3. Caveats and Limitations of Data Analysis
  3. Mineral Commodities
    1. Individual Mineral Commodity Reviews
  4. Summary of Findings (PDF) (38 pp, 346K)
  5. Appendices (PDF) (55 pp, 608K)
    1. Detailed Explanations of Methodology Used to Estimate Annual Waste Generation Rates for Individual Waste Streams
    2. Work Sheet for Waste Stream Assessment of Recycling, Recovery, and Reuse Potential
    3. Definitions for Classifying Mineral Processing Waste Streams
    4. Recycling Work Sheets for Individual Mineral Processing Waste Streams
    5. Listing of Waste Streams Generated by Mineral Production Activities by Commodity
    6. Mineral Processing Sectors Generating Hazardous Wastes
    7. Mineral Processing Sectors Not Generating Hazardous Wastes
    8. List of Commenters

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