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Ready Mixed Concrete, Crushed Stone and Sand and Gravel Industrial Stormwater Compliance Resources

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Crushed Stone and Sand and Gravel Operation
Crushed Stone and Sand and Gravel Operation

Stormwater runoff from ready mixed concrete, crushed stone, and sand and gravel facilities can have a significant impact on water quality by contributing sediment and other pollutants to creeks, streams, lakes, etc. Under the Federal Clean Water Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program controls water pollution by regulating point sources of pollution that discharge into waters of the United States.

This page provides stormwater compliance resources for facilities in the following industry sectors:

These sectors are defined in the North American Industrial Classification System Codes (PDF) (4 pp, 65K).

On this page:

The NPDES Stormwater Program

Federal regulations relating to the NPDES Stormwater Program require operators of these facilities to obtain authorization to discharge stormwater under an NPDES permit. In 1990 EPA developed stormwater regulations for 10 categories of industrial activities.

Most states are authorized to implement the NPDES Stormwater Program and administer their own stormwater permitting programs.  EPA remains the permitting authority in five states, most territories and tribal lands. Visit the NPDES State Program contact page to determine if your state has the permitting authority to implement the NPDES Program.

Facilities that already have a NPDES industrial wastewater permit must modify their existing permits to include regulated stormwater discharges; facilities that do not have an existing NPDES industrial wastewater permit must apply for a NPDES stormwater permit. Facilities applying for a stormwater only permit may be able to take advantage of streamlined permitting requirements and processes through the US EPA Multi-Sector General Permit or their State’s General Stormwater Permit.  Details regarding applicability of general permitting requirements should be obtained directly from the appropriate permitting agency.

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Sectors’ Overview and Stormwater Program Applicability

US EPA (Non-Delegated States) Multi Sector General Permits (MSGP)

Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Facilities
This overview for industrial stormwater topics includes general information on the Stormwater Program and links to specific programs covering Phase I and II for industrial stormwater.

Clean Water Act Industrial Stormwater Applicability Flowchart (PDF) (5 pp, 91K)
EPA Region 2 developed this flowchart to guide facilities through the water applicability permit process to determine the following:

  1. if you should apply for an industrial stormwater permit;
  2. to which regulatory agency (US EPA or State) should you apply; and,
  3. whether you should have a MSGP or individual permit 

This is only a guide and does not replace the need for a full review of the US EPA 2008 MSGP or State NPDES Program permitting requirementsExit EPA Disclaimer , to make final decisions. For more information, please contact Linda Longo, longo.linda@epa.gov.

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Permitting Resources

US EPA (Non-Delegated States) Multi Sector General Permits (MSGP)

Multi Sector General Permit
This is an overview of the new September 28, 2009 MSGP, and supersedes the 2008 MSGP. This page provides information on:

Multi Sector General Permit - Developing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Reporting Monitoring Data and Annual Reports    
Stormwater pollution prevention plan including guidance, sample template and reporting forms.
Industrial Fact Sheet Series for Activities Covered by US EPA’s MSGP
This briefly describes each of the 29 industry sectors covered by the MSGP.

Sector descriptions for industrial sectors discussed on this page are:

Delegated States Permitting Resources

Industrial facilities located in NPDES Program delegated states must obtain discharge permits directly from their state permitting agencies.  See contact information for State NPDES Programs.

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Pollution Prevention Resources

Ready Mixed Concrete, Crushed Stone, and Sand and Gravel Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Elements Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (3 pp, 75K)
The quick reference guide is extracted from the 2008 Multi Sector General Permit (MSGP) for industrial stormwater permit holders.  This information is a guide for stormwater pollution prevention planning.

Ready Mixed Concrete, Crushed Stone, and Sand and Gravel Pollution Prevention Plan Template (PDF) (23 pp, 173K)
The template helps facilities develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that is consistent with the 2008 Multi Sector Group Permit (MSGP), Part 5.

Ready Mixed Concrete, Crushed Stone, and Sand and Gravel Non-Stormwater Discharges Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (6 pp, 59K)
The quick reference guide was developed from the 2008 Multi Sector General Permit (MSGP) for industrial stormwater permit holders.  This guide provides information for the non-stormwater discharges. All facilities under an industrial stormwater MSGP or NPDES permit must refer to their respective permits for their specific facilities’ stormwater requirements.  

State specific pollution prevention resources are available using the Industrial Stormwater Resource Locator.Exit EPA Disclaimer

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Best Management Practices and Inspection Checklists

National Menu of Stormwater Best Practices
EPA provides a menu of best managment practices that is based on the Stormwater Phase II Rules' six control measures.  

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association PublicationsExit EPA Disclaimer
Various publications are available for owners and operators to understand environmental requirements and to implement sound environmental business practices. Publications can be ordered from their Web site for a fee.   For the purpose of stormwater review the publications on:

Best Management PracticesExit EPA Disclaimer
Stormwater management best practices information for owners, developers, engineers and contractors.

NPDES Compliance Inspection Manual
The Compliance Inspection Manual is a resource for those that conduct NPDES inspections. The manual presents standard procedures for inspections and includes three inspector checklists for industrial stormwater inspections:

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Industrial Stormwater: Ready Mixed Concrete, Crusted Stone, Sand and Gravel Sectors Webcast
EPA hosted a three hour Industrial Stormwater webcast focusing on:

This webcast is available for viewing in two formats Windows Media Player and Real Media Player.

Questions can be directed to Peter Bahor at bahor.peter@epa.gov

Best Management Practices for the Concrete, Sand and Gravel SectorsExit EPA Disclaimer
The Maryland Center for Environmental Training (MCET) developed six modules for training these sectors focusing on the national industrial stormwater requirements and best management practices using a sample watershed of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Training Courses and Workshops  
EPA’s NPDES Permitting program provides training courses, workshops, and webcasts to explain the regulatory framework and technical considerations of the NPDES Permit program. These courses are designed for permit writers, dischargers, EPA officials, and other interested parties.

Environmentally Sound Practices in the Ready Mixed Concrete IndustryExit EPA Disclaimer
The Maryland Center for Environmental Training provides Stormwater videos for the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry.  These videos can be used as a train-the-trainer package with facilitator’s guide, management practices guide and video. There is a fee for the training package.

Industrial Stormwater Permit GuideExit EPA Disclaimer
The guide developed by the Printing National Environmental Assistance Center walks businesses through a three pronged lesson that includeds the topics:

  1. stormwater applicability
  2. permitting options
  3. no exposure certification provisions

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Federal and State Stormwater Permitting Agency Contacts and Resources

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Contacts
EPA provides a comprehensive list of Stormwater Program contacts from EPA Headquarters, Regions, and States.

Industrial Stormwater Resource Locator Exit EPA Disclaimer
This resources, organized by state, helps industrial companies in various sectors know about and comply with the stormwater rules in their area. Contacts for each state are listed.

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National Trade Association Contacts

These links may be of interest. It should be noted that EPA, by listing these sites, neither endorses the information they contain nor is in any way responsible for their content or accuracy.

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