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Federal Facilities
Federal facilities are lands and improvements to land (such as buildings, structures and equipment) owned by, or constructed or manufactured for the purpose of leasing to the Federal government. One of EPA's most important roles is to work with federal agencies to ensure that they and their facilities comply with environmental requirements in the same manner and extent as any regulated facility.

EPA also works with foreign governments to help them implement environmental compliance and enforcement programs and assists them in developing their capacity to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). EPA also interacts with foreign governments in controlling the import and export of many materials in accordance with environmental laws and international agreements.

EPA works closely with the states to implement federal environmental programs. States authorized to manage federal programs must have enforcement authorities that are at least as stringent as federal law. EPA works with officials in state environmental, health and agricultural agencies on strategic planning, priority-setting and measurement of results.

EPA works to ensure that environmental programs designed to protect human health and the environment under federal environmental laws are implemented across the United States. This work is undertaken consistent with the federal government's trust and consultation responsibilities to federally-recognized tribes, government-to-government relationship with tribes, EPA's authorizing statutes and implementing regulations and policies.

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