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Air Facility System

AFS Resources

The Air Facility System (AFS) contains compliance and permit data for stationary sources regulated by EPA, state and local air pollution agencies. For further information regarding the air permitting program, visit EPA's Air Permits page.

States use AFS information to

AFS was once a part of Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS), hence the historical utilization of that term may be incorporated within referenced documentation. This site is designed to keep users of the system apprised of new developments.

Tracking of emissions inventories has been moved to the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) database.

AFS data is also visible in EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) Web site. This tool provides the public with compliance, permit and demographic data from approximately 800,000 facilities regulated under the Clean Air Act stationary source program and other statutes. ECHO's integrated reports present inspections, violations, enforcement actions, penalties and locate facilities on demographic maps.

EPA's Envirofacts Data Warehouse also contains the AFS data.

Interim Updated System Requirement Specification (PDF) (642 pp, 21MB, About PDF) - AFS is currently undergoing a system modernization. EPA has been working with volunteers from across the AFS user community to gather requirements. This document provides the catalogued needs and requirements collected during conference calls, webinars, and past conferences. This document is now being made available for your review and comment.

If you are a user of AFS and need technical assistance, call the contractor-run AFS help line at 1-800-367-1044, or send an email to the AFS Help Line (afshelpline@trcsolutions.com).


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