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Air Facility System - Universal Interface

AFS Universal Interface Resources

EPA provides and supports the Universal Interface (UI) software to assist state and local agencies with transferring their facility air compliance data to the Air Facility System (AFS).

State and local agencies use the UI as a converter to transfer data from their independent data systems to AFS. This process satisfies the reporting requirements for stationary source compliance and enforcement "Minimum Data Requirements" (MDRs) to EPA. The UI generates transactions suitable for submission into AFS via the batch processing comparison and update software.

In addition to acting as a data "converter" from the state or local agency’s database to AFS, UI provides additional capabilities and features such as:

As of September 2007, the UI community is made up of 21 state and local agency users. Additional state and local agencies are in the process of implementing the UI. Further information is available for a state or local agency interested in getting started with the UI.

Additional information resources have been gathered for your benefit. The UI publications page provides links to important documents such as the operator and stack test manuals, frequently asked questions about UI, and the data dictionary. The data needed to refresh UI to keep it current with AFS can be downloaded from the cross reference files page.

If you need further assistance, see the AFS contacts page.

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