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The Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS)

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The Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) is a secure system only available to EPA and state users. The public should use the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO). ECHO is a Web-based tool that provides public users with compliance monitoring and enforcement data.

ICIS is a complex and comprehensive tool. State and federal users who do not use ICIS frequently may find OTIS and ECHO more intuitive for their reporting needs. More information is available about ICIS, its data, and the two Web tools, OTIS and ECHO (PDF) (4 pp, 48K, About PDF). New state and federal users who use ICIS and are in need of additional training should visit ICIS Help for more information on ICIS training and contacts.

ICIS provides web access to enforcement and compliance assurance data to EPA and state agencies. ICIS has two main components:

ICIS, integrating data from several separate data systems, is a multi-year system modernization project that will be completed in late 2014. The last phase of development, currently underway, is the preparation for data migration from the Air Facility System (AFS). The Air Facility System tracks permits and enforcement and compliance assurance data for major stationary sources of air pollution. EPA's ability to target the most critical environmental problems will improve as the system integrates data from all media.

Interim Updated System Requirement Specification (PDF) (642 pp, 21MB, About PDF).

EPA has working closely with the national AFS community to gather, confirm, and document the requirements for a new, modernized AFS.  This document includes the requirements collected from the national AFS community and stakeholders, through February 2013, from a substantial number of national calls and webinars in the preceding year.

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Who Can Access Information in ICIS?

The public can access federal information on enforcement, compliance assurance and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) information in ICIS by using:

EPA employees can access ICIS to update data and to generate reports that provide a national picture on enforcement and compliance assurance data.

EPA regional users can access ICIS to enter data for both states within their region and EPA regional data. EPA regional users can generate reports containing enforcement and compliance assurance information within their geographic boundaries.

State users can access ICIS to enter data for their state. States can also generate reports of enforcement and compliance assurance activities within their state. 

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Benefits of ICIS

The Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) benefits EPA and its partners in the following ways:

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Help is available on the following topics:

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ICIS Customer Support Helpline

If you need immediate assistance or answers to direct questions, contact the ICIS Customer Support Helpline:

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