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Water Data Systems

Data Systems

The following data system supports the enforcement and compliance assurance program under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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The Safe Drinking Water Information System/Federal (SDWIS/FED) version is EPA's national data base for the Public Water System Supervision program. It includes inventory, compliance, and enforcement information on the nation's 170,000 public water systems. SDWIS/FED is an exceptions based system that for the most part receives data directly from SDWIS/STATE or data transfer from a state's system. The SDWIS/STATE version was designed for the states to help implement the drinking water program and fulfill EPA's reporting requirements. The Significant Non Compliance (SNC) Exceptions Tracking System (SETS) is a sub-system of SDWIS/FED that generates/tracks significant non-compliers. SDWIS is in the initial stage of modernization by the Office of Water.

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