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Policies & Guidance

Auditing -- The EPA Audit Policy, "Incentives for Self-Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction and Prevention of Violations" and the Environmental Audit Protocols for use by industry.

Small Communities -- The policy and guidance applicable to small communities for compliance with the environmental statutes and regulatory requirements.

Small Businesses -- EPA's policy and guidance applicable to and provided to assist small businesses in complying with the environmental statutory and regulatory requirements

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Publications -- EMS provides the structure by which certain activities can be carried out; it ensures operator training and that proper procedures are in place but doesn't specify methods or frequency of sampling. The EMS allows Federal agencies and facilities flexibility to adapt the system to their needs and priorities.

The Guide for Addressing Environmental Problems: Using an Integrated Strategic Approach (PDF) (115 pp, 4.51MB, About PDF) is a detailed reference to help staff and managers plan, develop, implement and measure strategies to address significant environmental problems. The Guide will help determine which mix of tools enforcement, inspections, and assistance will best compliment incentives to maximize the environmental benefits. It includes chapters on: goals and measures, selecting and sequencing tools, assigning roles and responsibilities, communicating and exiting the strategy. For a quick review of what the Guide has to offer there is a fact sheet (PDF) (1 pg, 45.9K, About PDF) available.

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