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Compliance Monitoring Policies and Guidance

EPA has issued several policy and guidance documents on compliance monitoring activities. Some apply to all compliance monitoring programs while others to a specific program.

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General Compliance Monitoring Policies and Guidance

Guidance for Issuing Federal EPA Inspector Credentials to Authorize Employees of State/Tribal Governments to Conduct Inspections on Behalf of EPA (PDF) (97 pp, 1.4MB)

National Policy on the Role of the EPA Inspector in Providing Compliance Assistance During Inspection (PDF) (17 pp, 190K)

The Role of the EPA Inspector in Providing Compliance Assistance (PDF) (72 pp, 370K)

Biosecurity Guidance (PDF) (31 pp, 843K)

Digital Camera Guidance for EPA Civil Inspections and Investigations (PDF) (14 pp, 588K)

The Guide for Addressing Environmental Problems: Using an Integrated Strategic Approach (PDF) (115 pp, 4.51MB) is a detailed reference to help staff and managers plan, develop, implement and measure strategies to address significant environmental problems. The Guide will help determine which mix of tools enforcement, incentives or assistance will best compliment inspections or evaluations to maximize the environmental benefits. It includes chapters on: goals and measures, selecting and sequencing tools, assigning roles and responsibilities, communicating and exiting the strategy. For a quick review of what the Guide has to offer there is a fact sheet (PDF) (1 pg, 45.9K) available.

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Clean Air Act

National Stack Testing Guidance (PDF) (22 pp, 127K)

Clean Air Act Stationary Source Compliance Monitoring Strategy (PDF) (22 pp, 144.64K)

Minimum Data Requirements for CAA Stationary Source Compliance (PDF) (5 pp, 92K)

Clean Air Act Civil Penalty Policy for Residential Wood Heaters APPENDIX VII (PDF) (Revised May 18, 1999) (9 pp, 171K)

Area Source Rule Implementation Guidance (PDF) (15 pp, 377K)

Guidance for Conducting Risk Management Program Inspections under Clean Air Act Section 112(r) (PDF) (86 pp, 826.69K)

Guidance on Federally-Reportable Violations for Clean Air Act Stationary Sources (PDF) (17 pp, 619K)

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Clean Water Act

Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Compliance Monitoring Strategy (38 pp, 1M) 

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Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

Good Laboratory Practices Advisories

Good Laboratory Practices Standard Operating Procedures

Multilingual Labeling (PDF) (4 pp, 32K)

Policy on Pest Control Devices (PDF) (3 pp, 479K)

Policy on Pesticide Use and Production by Veterinarians (PDF) (4 pp, 507K)

Questions and answers on supplemental labeling, effective date, registration status for labeling purposes, foreign purchaser acknowledgement statements, and confidentiality (PDF) (11 pp, 59K)

Questions and answers on research and development pesticides and active ingredient concentrations (PDF) (5 pp, 41K)

WPS Agriculture Inspection Guidance (PDF) (42 pp, 682KB)

Guidance for Inspecting Alleged Cases of Pesticide-Related Bee Incidents (PDF) (35 pp, 1.5M)

A Summary of Analytical Methods Used for the Analyses of Pesticide Residues in Bees and Hive Matrices (PDF) (10 pp, 151K)

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Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Guidance for RCRA Core Large Quantity Generator Pilot Project (PDF) (7pp, 44K)

RCRA Subtitle C Program Memorandum and Compliance Monitoring Strategy (PDF) (40 pp, 316K)

RCRA Compliance Monitoring Strategy Subtitle C Core Program Appendices (PDF) (43 pp, 2.4MB)

Toxic Substances Control Act

Compliance Monitoring Strategy (PDF) (114 pp, 1.1MB)

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