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This web site provides data and background about the Agency’s enforcement actions addressing specific environmental and public health problems, both nationally and where you live. Interactive maps show the facilities where air, water, land and multi-media civil and criminal actions were taken. Readers can view this information nationally, by state and even locally, and get information about EPA’s actions where they live, work and play. Click on the map on the right to start using the maps.


EPA continues to vigorously enforce the nation’s environmental laws. In fiscal year (FY) 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement and compliance program concluded civil and criminal enforcement actions requiring polluters to invest an estimated $5.4 billion to reduce pollution, clean up contaminated land and water, achieve compliance and fund environmentally beneficial projects. Civil and criminal defendants committed to reduce pollution by approximately 570 million pounds annually once all required controls are fully implemented.

EPA targets its enforcement actions to address the most important environmental and public health problems. Approximately 57% of pollution reductions and 71% of pollution control investments obtained through the Agency’s FY 2009 enforcement actions focused on water and air pollution priority problems.

EPA's top Clean Air Act enforcement actions during FY 2009 reduced approximately 230 million pounds of sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) per year when all the required pollution controls are in place, resulting in estimated health benefits of between $4 billion to $9.8 billion. See more on civil enforcement.

In FY 2009, EPA opened 387 new environmental crime cases, the largest number of criminal case initiations in five years. EPA also launched the Fugitive Web site in fiscal year 2009, which assisted in the capture or surrender of five fugitives. See more on criminal enforcement.

EPA obtained $371 million from settlements with responsible parties to reimburse EPA for its past expenditures for cleaning up Superfund sites. This is the highest cost recovered ever for the Superfund program. See more on the Superfund program.

In FY 2009, EPA concluded 51 enforcement actions against federal agencies and federal facility contractors for alleged violations of environmental laws. These actions will prevent more than 13 million pounds of pollutants from being released into the environment. See more on federal facilities.

In addition, this year EPA began major initiatives to remediate pollution of the Chesapeake Bay and provide information about enforcement of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Resources Recovery and Conservation Act.

December 23, 2009 Press Release


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