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Enforcement and Compliance Numbers at a Glance

The following is a list of key results of compliance and enforcement activities in FY 2010.

Civil Enforcement
  Estimated Environmental Benefits – Commitments to Reduce Pollution & Protect the Environment:
    Direct Environmental Benefits
      Pollution Reduced, Treated or Eliminated (Pounds) (1) 1,500,000,000
      Hazardous Waste Treated, Minimized, or Properly Disposed of (Pounds) 11,800,000,000
      Contaminated Soil to be Cleaned Up (Cubic Yards) 9,000,000
      Contaminated Water to be Cleaned Up (Cubic Yards) 107,000,000
      Stream Miles Protected or Restored (Linear Feet) 190,000
      Wetlands Protected or Restored (Acres) 700
      People Protected by Safe Drinking Water Act Enforcement (# of People) 7,300,000
    Preventative Environmental Benefits
      Hazardous Waste Prevented from Release (Cubic Yards) 11,000,000
      Liquid in Underground Storage Tanks Prevented from Release (Gallons) 2,300,000
      People Notified of Potential Drinking Water Problems (# of People) 4,400,000
      Underground Injection Wells Prevented from Leaking (# of Wells) 150,000
      Lead-Based Paint Contamination Prevented (# of Housing Units, Schools, Buildings) 5,800
      Volume of Oil Spills Prevented (Gallons) 140,000,000
      Pesticides or Pesticide Products Prevented from Distribution, Sale or Use due to Mislabeling or Improper Registration (Pounds) 4,100,000
  Estimated Investments in Actions & Equipment to Reduce Pollution & Protect the Environment (Injunctive Relief) $12,100,000,000
  Estimated Investments in Projects that Benefit the Environment & Public Health (Supplemental Environmental Projects) $24,000,000
  Civil Penalties  
    Administrative Penalties Assessed $33,400,000
    Judicial Penalties Assessed $70,200,000
    State/Local Judicial Penalties Assessed From Joint Federal-State/Local Enforcement Actions $11,000,000
    Stipulated Penalties Paid $2,000,000
Civil Enforcement and Compliance Activities
  Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to Department of Justice (DOJ) 233
  Supplemental Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to DOJ 45
  Civil Judicial Complaints Filed with Court 172
  Civil Judicial Enforcement Case Conclusions 200
  Administrative Penalty Order Complaints 1,901
  Final Administrative Penalty Orders 1,830
  Administrative Compliance Orders 1,302
  Cases with Supplemental Environmental Projects 119
Compliance Monitoring Activities
  Inspections/Evaluations 21,000
  Civil Investigations 282
  Number of Regulated Entities Taking Complying Actions as a Direct Result of On-Site EPA Inspections/Evaluations 1,186
Superfund Cleanup Enforcement
  Amount Committed by Liable Parties to Clean up Superfund sites $1,400,000,000
  Ammount Committed by Liable Parties to Pay for Government Oversight of Superfund Cleanups $82,000,000
  Amount Committed by Liable Parties to Reimburse the Government for Money Spent Cleaning up Superfund Sites $150,000,000
Voluntary Disclosures
  Commitments to Reduce, Treat or Eliminate Pollution as a Result of Voluntary Disclosures (Pounds) 3,500,000
  Voluntary Disclosures Initiated (Facilities) 1,218
  Voluntary Disclosures Resolved (Facilities) 1,967
  Voluntary Disclosures Initiated (Companies) 561
  Voluntary Disclosures Resolved (Companies) 618
Compliance Assistance
  Assistance Tools 246
  Workshops and Training 435
  Facility Visits and Revisits 1,075
Criminal Enforcement
  Environmental Crime Cases Opened 346
  Defendants Charged 289
  Years of Incarceration 72
  Fines and Restitution $41,000,000
  Value of Court Ordered Environmental Projects $18,000,000

Where necessary to reflect EPA's understanding of the precision of the data, numbers in this document and elsewhere on this Web site have been rounded to two or three significant digits.

The primary source for the data displayed in this document is the EPA Regions’ certified FY 2010 end of year workbooks as of November 22, 2010. The official databases of record are: Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS), Criminal Case Reporting System, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Information System (CERCLIS), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information (RCRAInfo), Air Facility System (AFS), and Permit Compliance System (PCS).


  1. Projected reductions to be achieved during the one year period after all actions required to attain full compliance have been completed.


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