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NETI eLearning Center Course Listings

Instructions on how to register and launch courses on the NETI eLearning Center.

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National Enforcement Training Institute
[All sessions at 11:30a.m – 1 pm EST. in Room 6226 William J. Clinton South (WJCS), unless otherwise noted]
(*Continuing Legal Education documentation will be made available by NETI)


Former Law Clerks tell it like it is! Views from former EPA Summer Interns: Environmental Law in Government, Private Practice, Corporate America and Beyond

Date: November 14, 2014

Learn the inside story about successful job searches from former OECA summer law clerks.  What works & what doesn’t work? What is it really like on the outside?  Invited: Jesse Levine, James Chen, Tesla Motors; Erica Ziolle, DOJ; Sheritta Woodruff, Stan Buzelle, EPA, OEJ; Lynne Davies, David Smith-Watts, Barbara Gutierrez Aaron Wieczorek, Sheritta Woodruff,  Lauren Willis, Meredith Fishburne, Manuel Ronquillo, Andrew Cherry, Evan Belser; John Cossa, Department of Interior (DOI); Jerry Gidner, DOI; Kelly Brantner, Catherine Giljohann, Federal  Regulatory Energy Commission; Brian Joffe, Erin K Smith, Tim Sullivan, Rebecca Roose, Caitlin Meisenbach, Todd Stedeford,  Scott Yager, Lauren Tozzi, Kim Wilson, Brian Thompson, Stacey Dey-Foy, Gracie Garcia Pendleton; Peter Putignano, DOJ; Julia Novotny, U.S. Navy; Cindy Wheeler, EPA Office of Chemical Safety & Pollution Prevention;  Ray Coss, Nissan NorthAmerica; Chris Van Nostrand, Department of Transporation (DOT), Federal Railroad Administration; Chris Van Wyck, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; Brittany Tofichio, Federal Mine Safety Board; Nick Wittenberg, Catherine Wilmarth, and Mike Beckham
(Note time change: 2:00 to 4:30pm EST). (Class Room: 6226 WJCS EPA HQ)

Contact: Robin Robinson (robinson.robin@epa.gov) or call (202) 564-4172


EPA & The Legislative Process: Working On Capitol Hill

Date: November 21, 2014

Join Moshay Simpson and others for an enlightening look at career opportunities on Capitol Hill. Invited: A Senior Policy Advisor & Staff Counsel. Whether one works for a member of Congress or serves as staff to a committee, participation in the “third branch of government” can be an important developmental career move. Join us for this panel discussion.

Registration: EPA & the Legislative Process: Working On Capitol Hill

Contact: Robin Robinson (robinson.robin@epa.gov) or call (202) 564-4172


FIFRA - Pesticide Registration and Enforcement*

Date: December 5, 2014

Toxic terrors are balanced against economic considerations and health protection.  Pesticide use has a wide range of implications for society and the global ecosystem.  Join Mike Walker for an in-depth discussion of this important national practice area. Webinar

Registration: FIFRA - Pesticide Registration & Enforcement

Contact: Robin Robinson (Robinson.robin@epa.gov) or call (202) 564-4172


Bed Bugs in Schools

Date & /Time:  December 16, 2014– 2 PM Eastern
Presenters:  Dr. Dini Miller, Dodson Pest Management Lab, Virginia Tech University.; Ms. Susan Jennings, EPA Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Public Health Coordinator;
Dr. Marcia Anderson, EPA Center of Expertise for School IPM;

Audience: Enforcement Personnel, Facility managers/Buildings and grounds managers and school nurses administrators

Short Description: This Bed bug webinar will commence with an introduction of bed bugs, biology, identification and myths. This will be followed by a discussion of Integrated Pest Management methods used in schools, and best management practices. Finally we will learn about the EPA role with regard to bed bugs and their resources.

Registration: Bed Bugs in Schools

Contact: Marcia Anderson (Anderson.marcia@epa.gov) or call
( 214) 665-6679

Air Training

Clean Air Act

Inspector Training

Basic Inspector Training

Environmental Statutes Training

Inspection Skills Refresher Training

Health and Safety for Non-EPA Employees Only
(EPA employees should take the course at Skillport)
  • Non-313 Inspectors
  • This course is for EPA personnel and EPA authorized representatives. The course teaches the history of EPCRA, its requirements for industry to report the storage and release of certain chemicals, and the requirement for state and local agencies to prepare communities in the event of chemical emergencies.  This course also includes information on CERCLA Section 103 release notification requirements and its relationship to EPCRA Section 304 emergency notification requirements.  The course provides various scenarios an inspector may encounter during an inspection. Please click on the “Course Registration” link and enter your Login ID (EPA email address) and Password. Then click on “Continue” to register for the course. You will immediately receive an email confirmation that you may launch the course.  A certificate is issued after passing the final exam.
    Course Registration | Launch Course

Refresher Courses

Underground Storage Tanks


Financial Model Training

Introduction to the Economic Benefit Model (BEN)

  • This course will enable users with little or no economic background to use the BEN enforcement economic model in calculating the economic benefit portion of the penalty in enforcement cases. The course consists of three modules: Module 1 introduces the user to the basic concept of economic benefits it fits into EPA’s penalty approach; Module 2 is an introduction to the financial theory and concepts necessary to use the BEN enforcement economic model: and Module 3 is an introduction in how to use the BEN enforcement economic model. (Please note: that these modules are not interactive, but students can run the BEN model at the same time as the course if they want to work through the in-class exercise in Module 3.)
  • BEN Model Module 1
    Launch Course
  • BEN Model Module 2
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  • BEN Model Module 3
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Ethics of Environmental Enforcement

  • This course, offered by Project ENCRIPT of the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) will identify the ways in which unethical behaviors, by white collar criminals, might affect the course of an inspection or an investigation.  The course objective are to:  define ethics as it is related to the environmental enforcement professional, understand the concept of environmental justice, understand the difference between ethics and morals, understand the ethical issues for the environmental enforcement professional.
    Register at: LEMIT website

Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) Training Modules

  • Gaining Access to ICIS: The online training module to provide step-by-step instructions on accessing the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS).  ICIS is a secure system only available to EPA and state users.
    Launch Course
  • Roles & Responsibilities of a Regional System Administrator: The online training module to provide information on the roles and responsibilities of an ICIS Regional System Administrator.
    Launch Course
  • ICIS Navigation & Searching Techniques: The online training module to provide instructions on the use of navigation tools available in the ICIS database.
    Launch Course
  • ICIS Module 1 Adding a Facility: Online training module to instruct ICIS users on how to add a facility into the ICIS database.
    Launch Course
  • ICIS Module 2 Adding a Permit: Online training module to instruct ICIS users on how to add an NPDES permit into the ICIS database. The various types of permits are discussed in detail.
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  • ICIS Module 3 Compliance Monitoring -- State: Online training module to instruct ICIS users on how to add a State inspection into the ICIS database.
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  • ICIS Module 4 Informal Enforcement Action: Online training module to instruct ICIS users on how to add an informal enforcement actions into the ICIS database.
    Launch Course
  • ICIS Module 5 Permit Tracking Events: Online training module to instruct ICIS users on the use of permit tracking events for ICIS-NPDES users. Detailed discussion on which permit tracking events are automatically or manually generated by the user.
    Launch Course
  • ICIS Module 6 Search Enforcement Actions: Online training module that instructs ICIS user on how to search for an enforcement action record into the ICIS database.
    Launch Course
  • ICIS Module 7 Single Event Violations: Online training module that instructs ICIS users on the definition of single event violations and how to enter the violations into the ICIS database.
    Launch Course
  • Reports Training Module: Online training module to instruct participants on preparing an inspection report.
    Launch Course
  • Preparing to Enter A Permit: Online training module to instruct participants on entering a permit.  This module is very helpful if this is your first time entering a permit.
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Courses That Require Registration

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