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Superfund National Accomplishments Summary Fiscal Year 2004

The Superfund program spent $507 million to perform construction and post-construction activities and to conduct and oversee emergency response actions.1

  • $367 million for construction and post-construction projects.
  • $140 million to conduct 385 emergency response and removal actions to address immediate and substantial threats to communities.

EPA funded new construction:

  • EPA obligated $104 million of appropriated funds, state cost share, and Potentially Responsible Party settlement resources for 27 new construction projects.

Superfund accomplishments include:

  • EPA secured $680 million in cleanup commitments and cost recoveries from the parties responsible for toxic waste sites.
  • Conducted 678 long-term ongoing cleanup projects at 428 sites (includes EPA lead sites, Potentially Responsible Party lead sites, and Federal Facility sites)
  • Completed work at 40 sites across the country for a total of 926 or 61% of the NPL

The Superfund program prepared for future cleanup efforts:

  • Listed 11 new sites on the NPL, and proposed 26 sites for listing.
  • The Superfund program spent $228 million to conduct and oversee:
    • Site assessments and investigations
    • Selection and design of cleanup plans
    • Support for State, Tribal, community involvement activities, and other activities.
  • Selected final cleanup plans at 30 sites. This brings the cumulative total of sites with final cleanup plans to approximately 66% of the 1,529 NPL sites.

Constraints on the Superfund Program

  • As the Superfund program matures, the size, complexity and cost of sites that are currently under or ready to begin construction continues to grow. In Fiscal Year 2004, over fifty-two percent of the Superfund obligations for long-term, on-going cleanup work were committed to just nine sites.
  • Because of these challenges, 19 sites that were ready for construction were not funded.

In Fiscal Year 2004, the Superfund program used its resources to address cleanup priorities that protect human health and the environment.2 The program leveraged additional resources to assist with its funding needs.

  • Through management of Superfund contract spending, $77 million was deobligated and used for long-term construction, site investigations, remedy selection, emergency removals and other activities.
  • $130 million from Potentially Responsible Party settlements ($109 million) and State cost share ($21 million) were used for construction and post-construction work.

FY 2004 New Construction Fact Sheets

Disclaimer: These data represent a "snapshot in time" and future numbers may change based on data quality reviews, updates, corrections and changes to report select logic.

1 All financial data is from Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System (CERCLIS), as of November 5, 2004.
2 Activities were conducted through both the Superfund remedial and removal programs, with resources taken from Congressional appropriations, deobligations, private party settlements, and State cost shares.

Disclaimer: These data represent a "snapshot in time" and future numbers may change based on data quality reviews, updates, corrections and changes to report select logic.


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