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Superfund Job Training Initiative (SuperJTI)

What is Environmental Justice?

Environmental Justice (EJ) is the fair treatment for people of all races, cultures and incomes regarding the development of environmental laws, regulations and policies.

Through initiatives like the SuperJTI program, EPA maintains an ongoing commitment to ensure environmental justice for all people, regardless of race, color, national origin or income.

Ensuring environmental justice means not only protecting human health and the environment for everyone, but also making sure that all people are treated fairly and are given the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.

Welcome to the SuperJTI website.

SuperJTI is a job readiness program that provides training and employment opportunities for people living in communities affected by Superfund sites.

Many of these areas are Environmental Justice (EJ) communities – historically under-represented minority and low-income neighborhoods and areas burdened with significant environmental challenges.

EPA’s goal is to help these communities develop job opportunities that remain long after a Superfund site has been cleaned up.

The SuperJTI website provides information about the program’s services, ongoing and completed projects, and contact information for communities interested in SuperJTI training. The website also provides a list of resources and answers to frequent questions.

SuperJTI Brochure (PDF) (2 pp, 557K, About PDF)

"SuperJTI: Making a Difference in Communities" Video

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