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Reinjection of Ground Water for Remediation

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"Applicability of RCRA Section 3020 to In-Situ Treatment of Ground Water," December 27, 2000.
OSWER/OSW memorandum (no directive number), 6 p.
Available on-line from OSWER HTML

This memorandum clarifies that reinjection of treated ground water to promote in-situ treatment is allowed under section 3020(b) as long as certain conditions are met. Specifically, the ground water must be treated prior to reinjection; the treatment must be intended to substantially reduce hazardous constituents in the ground water - either before or after reinjection; the cleanup must be protective of human health and the environment; and the injection must be part of a response action under CERCLA section 104 or 106 or a RCRA corrective action intended to clean up the contamination.

"Applicability of Land Disposal Restrictions to RCRA and CERCLA Ground Water Treatment Reinjection Superfund Management Review: Recommendation No. 26," December 27, 1989.
OSWER Directive #9234.1-06, 3 p.
Available on-line from OSWER HTML

This memorandum explains EPA's interpretation of whether the RCRA land disposal restrictions (LDRs) are applicable or (under CERCLA response actions only) relevant and appropriate to such reinjections or to the remediation as a whole. There has been some question as to whether ground water contaminated with restricted RCRA hazardous wastes, which is extracted during a RCRA corrective action or CERCLA response action, must meet the best demonstrated available technology (BDAT) identified for that waste under the RCRA LDRs prior to each reinjection, in a pump-and-treat reinjection remediation system.

"Class V UIC Study fact Sheet: Aquifer Remediation Wells," not dated
OGWDW fact sheet, no document no., 1p.
PDF (1 p, 145K)

Information on UIC Program:

The following EPA web page provides general information, regulations and guidance about the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program.

General information on Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program


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