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Removal Actions and Ground Water

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"Numeric Removal Action Levels for Contaminated Drinking Water Sites," November 10, 1998.
OSWER Memorandum 9360.1-02B-P, EPA-540-F99-004, NTIS Order Number PB99-963405, 16p.
Available on-line from OSWER PDF (16 pp, 79K)

This memo transmits the most recent tables of Removal Action Levels (RALs), dated April 1997. The tables are provided as a convenience to response managers and are intended to be used as one factor in determining whether to provide alternate water supplies under Superfund removal authority. For substances not listed in the RAL table, response managers should refer to the methodology outlined in OSWER Directive 9360.1-02, dated October 1993, to derive a number.

"Final Guidance on Numeric Removal Action Levels for Contaminated Drinking Water Sites," October 25, 1993.
OSWER Directive 9360.1-02, NTIS Order Number PB95-963-419, 27p.
Available on-line from OSWER PDF (27 pp, 1.3M)

This Directive includes the final Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation methodology and guidance on calculation of numeric removal action levels (RALs), to assist Superfund personnel in deciding whether to provide alternate sources of drinking water to populations adversely affected by releases of hazardous substances into the environment. The RAL tables attached to this guidance were updated in September 1995, March 1995, and most recently in April 1997 (retransmitted November 1998). The tables are a convenience only; RALs for additional constituents may be derived using the methodology provided in this guidance.

"Guidance Document for Providing Alternate Water Supplies," February 1988.
OSWER Directive 9355.3-03, EPA/540/G-87/006, NTIS Order Number PB89-167969, 63p.

This guidance was written to help response managers plan and implement alternate water supplies at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites where the action can be done under a Non-Time Critical Removal Action or an Operable Unit (or "early") Remedial Action. It does not address alternate water supplies implemented under Time-Critical Removal Actions or as a normal part of a final Remedial Action. The document provides guidance on determining if an alternate water supply is needed, and if needed, on selection and implementation of alternate water supplies. It includes provision of new supplies and treatment or redistribution of existing supplies. Appendix C on EPA Standards and Appendix D on Removal Action Levels have been superseded by more recent standards and guidance.


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