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Common Radionuclides Found at Superfund Sites

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

The following list of radionuclides are the most frequently encountered at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated Superfund sites. The information in these fact sheets is intended to help the general public understand more about the various common radionuclides found at Superfund sites. These fact sheets answer questions such as: How can a person be exposed to the radionuclide?, How can it affect human health?, How does it enter and leave the body?, What levels of exposure result in harmful effects?, and What recommendations has EPA made to protect human health from the radionuclide? In addition to reading the radionuclide fact sheets, the reader is urged to refer to the "Introduction and Glossary" section below for general information about cleanup levels for radioactively contaminated Superfund sites and for an explanation of some of the words that appear in each of the radionuclide fact sheets.

All twelve of the radionuclide fact sheets and the Introduction and Glossary fact sheet listed below are found in the EPA booklet, "Common Radionuclides Found at Superfund Sites" (31 pp, 261K) (OSWER No. 9200.1-34, July, 2002). This booklet was distributed through a transmittal memo entitled"Distribution of OSWER Common Radionuclides Found at Superfund SitesBooklet for the General Public" (4 pp, 96K) (OSWER No. 9200.1-34b, August 20,2002). The Common Radionuclides guidance is similar to a previous booklet issued by EPA entitled "Common Chemicals Found at Superfund Sites" (OSWER No. 9203.1-17, August 1994).

Fact sheets for the most common radionuclides found at Superfund sites have been provided below. Just "click" on the radionuclide name, and you will be linked directly to the fact sheet associated with that radionuclide. It's just that easy!

Introduction and Glossary (7 pp, 45K)


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