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Superfund Analytical Services / Contract Laboratory Program (CLP)


CLP and ASB Contacts

For more information about the Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) or the Analytical Services Branch (ASB), contact one of the ASB personnel listed below or Lucinda Taylor (SMO Project Officer) via email at taylor.lucinda@epa.gov, or via telephone at (703) 603-8818. You may also fax ASB at (703) 603-9116.

Please use the following links for quick access to contact information for the:

ASB Area of Interest Contact Phone Number
CLP Inorganic Analytical Services Sara Goehl 703-603-9097
CLP Organic Analytical Services Charlie Appleby 703-347-0266
Non-Routine Analytical Services (Dioxin, PCB Congeners, and Air) Charlie Appleby 703-347-0266
ASB Products and Tools, including: Sara Goehl 703-603-9097
Sample Management Office (SMO) Lucinda Taylor 703-603-8818
Environmental Services Assistance Team (ESAT) Muriel Laws 703 603-7185

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