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Superfund Analytical Services / Contract Laboratory Program (CLP)


Modified Analyses

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This page provides information about modified analyses, the procedure to request modified analyses, and a link to the Modified Analysis database.

General Information

A Modified Analysis (MA) is a request for CLP analytical services that contains requirements that differ from the existing Statement of Work (SOW). Regions may request MAs for all existing CLP routine analytical services. Modified analyses that may be requested include, but are not limited to, adding additional compounds, adjusting Contract Required Quantitation Limits (CRQLs) for target analytes, and making minor adjustments to specific analytical protocols to enhance method performance. Performance of modified analyses by laboratories is voluntary. Laboratories should consult their contract for details regarding modified analyses.

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Request Procedure

MAs may be requested by the Regional Sample Control Coordinator (RSCC) or the regional Contracting Officer Representative (COR). To submit a request for an MA, the RSCC or COR submits a CLP Modification Request Form to the appropriate (organic or inorganic) CLP Program Manager (PM) at least two weeks prior to sampling. The request is made in writing (email) and must include the name of the site, approximate number of samples or duration of specific sampling events, projected sampling dates, and required modifications to the appropriate SOW. A separate request must be made for each MA.

Important Note for MA Requestors

Both new MA requests and requests for existing MAs must be submitted at least two weeks prior to sampling. This allows ASB to perform a review of the MA, laboratories to ask questions during the MA process, and revisions to be made to the MA, if required.

CLP Modification Request Form for Organic Analyses (PDF) (1 pg, 11K)
CLP Modification Request Form for Inorganic Analyses (PDF) (1 pg, 11K)

The CLP PM reviews the request to ensure that the requested modification remains within the scope and intended purpose of the SOW. If the CLP PM deems the request to be appropriate, the request is sent to SMO to begin the MA soliciation process.

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Modified Analysis Solicitation Process

SMO reviews MA requests provided by the CLP PM and assists requestors in generating a MA document to send to the CLP laboratories. Once the document has been approved by the CLP PM, SMO begins the solicitation process by sending the MA document to CLP laboratories to generate responses and bids. SMO provides the responses and bids to the PM and the CLP Contracting Officer (CO), who then decides which CLP Laboratory(ies) will perform the MA. SMO then schedules the MA with the appropriate laboratory(ies).

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View Modified Analyses

Detailed information about previously performed modified analyses may be accessed using the MA Database application. You may search the database based on a previously established MA number, or by various criteria including target compounds and Contract Required Quantitation Limits (CRQLs).

The MA Database application may be accessed using the SMO Portal. Exit EPA Disclaimer To request access to the MA Database application, please contact Sara Goehl at goehl.sara@epa.gov or by phone at (703) 603-9097.

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