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The drive toward a faster, fairer, more efficient Superfund

The Superfund program has achieved substantial progress in cleaning up hazardous waste sites, protecting human health and the environment, and returning property to productive uses. EPA developed and implemented three rounds of Superfund Reforms to improve the way the program operates, increase its impacts, and broaden the knowledge and understanding of the program. The reforms, consisting of various initiatives and pilots, were focused on changes which would make the program faster, fairer and more efficient. EPA's Superfund Reforms impact nearly every aspect of the Superfund program, addressing the areas of enforcement, cleanup, risk assessment, public involvement, environmental justice, economic redevelopment, innovative technology, and State and Tribal empowerment. The Agency has already incorporated the first round of reforms into the Superfund program. Today, EPA continues to implement the Round 2 and Round 3 reforms, working to complete pilots or other experiments and integrating more and more of the initiatives into its way of doing business.

For a summary of Superfund Reforms accomplishments, please see the Superfund Reforms Overview Summary (PDF, 1 page, 68KB) New. More specific information on the impacts of individual reforms is also available.