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The drive toward a faster, fairer, more efficient Superfund

Select from the links below to view contact information for Superfund Reforms from Round 2 and Round 3.

Round 3

Reform 3-1a Establish National Remedy Review Board
Reform 3-1b Establish New Remedy Selection Management Flags ("Rules-of-Thumb")
Reform 3-2 Update Remedy Decisions at Select Sites
Reform 3-3a Clarify the Role of Cost in the Remedy Selection Process
Reform 3-3b Directive on National Consistency in Remedy Selection
Reform 3-4 Clarify Information Regarding Remedy Selection Decisions
Reform 3-5a Community Participation in Designing Risk Assessments
Reform 3-5b PRP Performance of Risk Assessments *
Reform 3-6a Establish National Criteria on Superfund Risk Assessments
Reform 3-6b Standardize Risk Assessments
Reform 3-6c Utilize Expert Workgroup on Lead
Reform 3-7 Establish Lead Regulator for Federal Facilities
Reform 3-8 Consider Response Actions Prior to NPL Listing
Reform 3-9 Delete Clean Parcels from the NPL
Reform 3-10a Promote Risk-Based Priority Setting at Federal Facility Sites
Reform 3-10b Promote Risk-Based Priority for NPL Sites
Reform 3-11 Orphan Share Compensation
Reform 3-12 Site-Specific Special Accounts
Reform 3-13 Equitable Issuance of Unilateral Administrative Orders (UAOs)
Reform 3-14 Revised De Micromis Guidance *
Reform 3-15 Adopting Private Party Allocations
Reform 3-16 Reduced Oversight for Capable and Cooperative PRPs
Reform 3-17 Pilot Remedy Selection by Selected States and Tribes
Reform 3-18 Pilot Community-Based Remedy Selection Process *
Reform 3-19 Establish Superfund Ombudsman in Every Region
Reform 3-20 Improve Communication with Superfund Stakeholders

Round 2

Reform 2-1 PRP Search Pilots *
Reform 2-2 Expedited Settlements
Reform 2-3 Allocation Pilots *
Reform 2-4a Brownfields Pilot Projects
Reform 2-4b Brownfields Community Outreach
Reform 2-4c Refining CERCLIS
Reform 2-4d Clarifying NPL Sites *
Reform 2-4e Removing Liability Barriers
Reform 2-5a Community Advisory Groups (CAGs)
Reform 2-5b Technical Assistance Grants (TAGs)
Reform 2-6 Community Involvement in the Enforcement Process *
Reform 2-7a Training and Health Service Assistance to Communities
Reform 2-7b Job Training and Development
Reform 2-8 Guidance for Remedy Selection
Reform 2-9a Risk Sharing -- Implementing Innovative Technology
Reform 2-9b Risk Sharing -- Identifying Obstacles to Using Innovative Technology *
Reform 2-10 Voluntary Cleanup Program *
Reform 2-11 Integrated Federal/State/Tribal Site Management Program
Reform 2-12 State/Tribal Superfund Block Funding

*  Note: Reforms 2-1 and 2-9b are considered to be closed out, and Reforms 2-3, 2-4d, 2-6, 2-10, 3-5b, 3-14, and 3-18 are considered to be fully integrated into the Superfund program. In the event that you do not receive an immediate response to an inquiry regarding these particular reforms, please keep this is mind and see the reform status provided under each individual reform for more information.

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