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Round 3-17: Pilot Remedy Selection by Selected States and Tribes

Reform Description
This reform is intended to provide States and Tribes with an increased role in remedy selection at NPL sites and to reduce the need for EPA oversight during implementation of the remedy.

As part of the pilot process, EPA and selected States or Tribes (hereafter, States) enter into agreements where States agree to conduct the remedy selection process, consistent with applicable law and regulations, at certain NPL sites. Using remedy selection pilots, participating States will supervise the remedy selection process with minimal EPA oversight or involvement. This process gives States significantly more control over certain NPL site cleanups.

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Reform Status

checkmark Implementation of this reform is complete.

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A national workgroup was formed in FY96 to develop criteria and a process to select pilot sites and to devise a tool for evaluating the impact of this reform. A total of 22 pilot sites from six different Regions were identified in FY97 to participate in this effort. Some of these sites were already identified as candidates for state remedy selection.

The States began implementing the remedy selection process for these sites in FY97, and continued their work during FY98. Collection of State remedy selection data began in FY98 and was completed in FY2000.

A closeout report on the results of the reform was published on June 19, 2002.

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Title: State Remedy Selection Reform - Transmittal Memo
Date: June 19, 2002
Synopsis: "Pilot Remedy Selection by Selected States and Tribes," otherwise known as the State Remedy Selection Reform, was one of the third round Reforms. The objectives were to pilot State remedy selection at certain sites, evaluate these pilots, and publicize the lessons learned from experiences at the pilot sites.

Download in PDF Format (2 pages, 103KB)

Title: State Remedy Selection Reform Closeout Report
Date: June 19, 2002
Synopsis: The purpose of this report is to provide lessons learned through an assessment of regional experiences in State remedy selection. The assessment requested facts and opinions from EPA Regional personnel responsible for managing remedy selection pilots to assess the overall status of pilot projects and seek information regarding the degree of success in State remedy selection for these pilots.

Download in PDF Format (7 pages, 110KB)

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