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The drive toward a faster, fairer, more efficient Superfund

Use this page to obtain a brief overview of each of the major sections of this Web site, and to navigate directly to areas of interest.

Reforms Home
This is the main page of the Superfund Reforms Web site.

Reforms by Type
This section allows the Superfund reforms from Round Two and Round Three to be viewed by the category they impact. The reforms are grouped into the following categories: Reforms by Round
This Web page provides access to comprehensive listings of the Superfund reforms according to the round in which they were initiated. View the reforms from Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3.

Success Stories
This page provides a listing of all the success stories relating to the seven different types of Superfund Reforms.

Navigate directly to the following categories of success stories:

This page provides a comprehensive listing of all documents relating to the Superfund Reforms Program. The documents are organized into the following main categories: FAQs
This page lists common questions and answers relating to the Superfund Reforms program.

Contacts by Reform
This page provides a comprehensive listing of each reform, the title of the reform, and links directly to reform-specific contact information.

Related Links
This page provides links to EPA Web sites offering similar electronic content and resources.

Site Map
This page provides an overview of each section of this Web site.

Recent Additions
This page is updated periodically whenever new documents and information are posted on this Web site. This page provides links to the most recent additions to the Web site.

Contact Us
This page is an online form to contact us directly.

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