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  • This component is designed for the special case where surface water targets are threatened by the release of contaminated ground water and where the threat of release by overland flow or flood is minimal.
    • It has been applied particularly to old coal gas facilities where the waste is buried deep but alongside a river and polyaromatics have been leaching into the river and threatening surface water targets.

  • The scores of the two components are not added. Evaluate only the higher scoring.
    • The ground water to surface water component will almost always score lower if there is any substantial possibility of release by overland flow or flooding.
    • The scoring considerations that make this so will be summarized at the end of this section.

  • This component evaluates the same targets as the overland/flood migration component and is broken into the same three threats.
    • This section will emphasize only the distinctive features of the ground water to surface water migration component and assumes that you are already familiar with the overland/flood migration component.

      HRS rule Table 4-25, pages 51628 to 51629

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