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Area of Observed Contamination

  • The area of observed contamination is determined in the same manner as explained in Section 17 of this training.

  • From this area of observed contamination used for the resident population threat, two sub-areas are deleted for the nearby population threat.

    • Areas with an attractiveness/accessibility value of 0 in HRS Table 5-6, namely "Physically inaccessible to the public, with no evidence of public recreation use." The HRS Guidance Manual gives the example of "Area off-limits to unauthorized personnel at guarded and fenced military base or industrial complexes." This exclusion is parallel to the exclusion of sources with a containment value of 0 in the migration pathways.
    • Residential properties. These properties are excluded from evaluation for attractiveness/accessibility and, therefore, cannot have a value greater than 0.

  • These sub-areas are not evaluated for likelihood of exposure, waste characteristics, or travel distance for targets.

    EXERCISE:  What areas of observed contamination should be included for the nearby population threat? ANSWER

    Nearby Population Threat

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