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Likelihood of Exposure

  • The likelihood of exposure is estimated from two considerations:

  • The larger the area of observed contamination for the nearby population threat, the higher the value.

  • The more attractive and accessible the contaminated areas in terms of recreational use, the higher the value.

    • Highlight 9-21 in the HRS Guidance Manual on page 391 gives examples for attractiveness/accessibility values. If more than one value can be assigned to the overall area of observed contamination, assign the highest.

    • Note the emphasis on recreational activities. These activities were judged to be "the most likely to result in exposures to contaminated surficial materials" (Preamble to the HRS, 55 FR, Section N, page 51560).

    • The values for area and attractiveness/accessibility are combined in HRS Table 5-8, page 51648.

    • QUESTION:  The area of observed contamination is about 200' by 500'. Part of the area lies within a fenced but abandoned industrial property and part extends onto the neighboring Little League ballpark. What is the value for likelihood of exposure? ANSWER

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