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Grant Award Information


Grants information is stored in EPA's Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS). IGMS is EPA's management information system for all EPA grant programs. This national system is used by EPA Headquarters, regions, and by States to track, award, administer, and monitor grants.

Envirofacts provides the public with timely award information for most of EPA's Federal Grant Programs, specifically Construction, Non-Construction, and State Revolving Funds grant programs.

Information about Grants Awarded by EPA

EPA provides several tools that may facilitate the search for grant award data. Following is a description of each tool.

Grant Information Query Form - Envirofacts, a single point of access for U.S. EPA environmental data, also includes a query form on EPA's active grants. This information is from IGMS

Recently Awarded Grants Report

This report contains information on grants awarded during the previous three months of the Federal Fiscal Year (October 1-
September 30). This latest report is available for download and searching in three different formats:

Microsoft Word Document (887kb) 508 Compliant
Adobe Acrobat Document (72 pp, 192 K, About PDF)
Microsoft Excel (201 kb)

Grants Awarded through Competition

Fiscal Year 2003 Competitive Grant Awards - This web page contains information on grants that EPA funded in FY 2003 using a competitive process.

Grants and Environmental Financing

Additional information available from various departments within the Agency about research grants, graduate fellowships, EPA Budget documents, strategic planning, financial management information, information for state and local governments and small businesses on financing environmental services and projects.

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