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How an Application is Posted to Apply

At this time the posting of application packages to Grants.gov Apply is consolidated and administered in the Office of Grants and Debarment (OGD). This activity is coordinated between the Grants Competition Advocates Office and the Automation Team.

After discussion with the Office sponsoring a competition or requesting applications from States or Earmark recipients, the content of the application package is established. In the case of a full application all required forms are present, if it is a request for proposals a modified package is created to meet the needs of the request.

A. Link to Competitive Synopsis on Find

For competitive announcements posted on Grants.gov Find the synopsis funding number is linked to the EPA Grants.gov application package. Once this link is made the button at the bottom of the synopsis 'Apply For Grant Electronically' is active. When the applicant clicks on this button it will take them to the site which enables download of the application forms. OGD has administrative access to the Grants.gov site to create application packages and links to appropriate synopses.

B. Link to Non Competitive or Earmark Applications

For non competitive opportunities and Earmarks an opportunity number is created independently of the competitive announcement process. This funding opportunity number is communicated to the State applicant or Earmark recipient and this restricted number is used to download the application package.

The applicant links to this site: https://apply.grants.gov/forms_apps_idx.html EPA Disclaimer and types the number in the Funding Opportunity Number box. This allows only the selected applicants to apply for the non competitive or Earmark opportunity.

C. Discussion Regarding Submission of Proposal and Application Materials Using Grants.gov Apply

Effective October 1, 2005, all competitive announcements synopsized on Grants.gov must allow applicants the opportunity to submit proposal/application materials electronically using Grants.gov Apply. Grants.gov Apply will accept both proposals and full applications. The type of information that may be submitted through Grants.gov Apply will depend upon the nature of the competition and submission, and the announcement must contain appropriate instructions. For example, when full applications are submitted by all applicants (e.g., under a RFA), the application package with all the application forms will be posted on Grants.gov. For proposals, generally an application package with just the 424 cover will be posted along with an attachment form for attaching the proposal document.

A. Request for Proposal (RFIP)

SF 424 cover
Project Proposal attachment form

B. Request for Application (RFA)

SF 424 cover
SF 424A Budget work sheet
SF 424B Assurances
EPA Key Contacts
Certification Regarding Lobbying
EPA Form 4700-4 Preaward Compliance Review Report
SF LLL (Optional)
Project Narrative attachment form (Optional)
Budget Narrative attachment form (Optional)
Other attachment form (Optional)

If the application package is associated with a competitive synopsis posted on Grants.gov Find, it has a link at the bottom of the page to Apply Electronically.

A competitive announcement may require multiple submissions of proposal/application materials from competing applicants. Depending upon the nature of the competition and required submission, the EPA Program Office conducting the competition will need to inform OGD which forms and information applicants are required to submit (e.g., for each phase of a competition) to facilitate use of Grants.gov Apply.

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